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    Spoiler: Maybe You'll Figure This Out. Maybe You Won't.

    Some (well, quite a bit of) items/objects, need to be clicked more than once. Still confused? See next Spoiler.


    Spoiler: A Good First Place to Begin Your Adventure

    Click the screen partition next to the window. Better have your sword readied or it’s Game Over. Haha. JK. No really. I’m jk.

    That didn’t help you? Do you really need the next Spoiler? Then you know what to do.


    Spoiler: Oh. Em. Gee. What was THAT!?!

    Huff! Huff! Samurai Puppet! What the… !?! Should I use my blade on it? Did I even activate it? Do I dare attempt to open that door again? I think so.

    When I fought that Samurai Puppet I knew to, “Think. Think.” I should remind myself to do the same when I’m in doubt like that again … should I happen to come across any more of those bizarre traps.


    Spoiler: Here's What to Do Now

    Click the red lever box on the left wall.


    Spoiler: A Moving Part

    A lever that moves left to right. That’s it? That’s all you’re gonna give me? Whaddya mean it’s not connected? Not connected to what? Electrical input or output? Or both? Well, at least I know that it moves and how it moves. I wonder if this is one of the things that I’ll need to manipulate more than once?


    Spoiler: Yep. It is.

    Maybe I should click on the lever again. I had to do that to the partition screen over there. I’m starting to see a pattern here! (Woo! I’m still shaky from that Samurai Puppet thing.)


    Spoiler: One. Two. Three??

    Click the lever a third time. This is getting ridiculous! (You were instructed about interacting with items more than once. Were you not?

    Move the lever to the left. I won’t get electrocuted this time, will I? First a killer puppet. Now possible sudden death by electrocution! All this excitement in one tiny room named Plum! It’s kinda scary. I just don’t know what to expect.

    (You must remember that many objects require multiple interactions. So try it on all objects you investigate. Quite often, the first or second time you interact with an object, nothing in the text or environment will change.  Then, all of a sudden, you have a new clue!)


    Spoiler: Is it Getting Cold in Here?

    Maybe you need a little outdoor wear.


    Spoiler: Lemme Just Tell You What to Do. Don't Want You to Catch Cold.

    Click on or drag the coat.


    Spoiler: It Didn't Work!! I'm Still Freezing!

    How many times did you click on the coat? Just once, as usual?


    Spoiler: A Trigger, Huh?

    It needs a trigger, too? Where are all these triggers supposed to be, exactly? Hmm, well, how many do I know of?


    Spoiler: You're Really Stuck 'Bout What to Do. Aren't You? K. Here.

    Go turn the left wall lever to the right. Check the wall again that has the Noh masks. Interact with what you just found.


    Spoiler: Up. Down. Left. Right. Back & Forth.

    A lever that looks like a ship’s oar. So, the left wall lever goes left to right. The lever on the wall with the Noh masks moves up and down. Left, right, up, down. Does that mean anything?


    Spoiler: You're Making Me Repeat Myself.

    Didn’t I tell you that some objects need to be clicked on more than once? Like perhaps all these levers? Or the dagger behind the switch? (Have you discovered it yet?)

    The left & right lever on the left wall need to be switched a total of three times.


    Spoiler: Hello, in There.

    It’s an opening, right? Don’t just stare at it.  Do something!


    Spoiler: Are You Still Staring Blankly Into the Opening?

    Click on the upper hollow space of the down lever.


    Spoiler: Forgetting to Perform a Function that Uses an Inventory Item

    Did the Spoiler title help you figure out what to do?


    Spoiler: No?

    Maybe the Blade needs to be activated if you can’t reach what’s behind the lever. You never thought of that? You’re a Ninja! What do you mean you never thought to use your Blade??


    Spoiler: Did You Remember to go Back & Forth?

    Sword and levers. Sword and levers. Got it? Carry on with what you were doing. There’s a surprise waiting for you.


    Spoiler: A New Weapon!

    A special dagger with a wind-based spell on it. Kewl! It can be used to cut down anything in my way. Anything? Hmm. Cut down anything in my way. What’s in my way? Think. Think.

    (Use left and right silver arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll to different objects in your inventory.)


    Spoiler: Trying It on for Size.

    If you want it to work, you gotta equip it. We know that from RPGs. Go ahead.  Put it to good use.


    Spoiler: Stop Right There!

    It’s dead. Your first victory.  Now get on your hands and knees and bow … I mean, scavenge for drops.


    Spoiler: Before You High-Tail It

    Before you leave the room, there is one thing you’re leaving behind that you need to struggle a little to get. It’s visible, but the only way to retrieve it is to destroy your first enemy, which you did.

    Don’t get “blue” if you can’t find it right away.


    Spoiler: It Won't Come Loose.

    Mess around with the window a little bit. More than once, of course.  Then the charm will loosen so you can retrieve it.


    Spoiler: Imma Trying to Get Outta this Stuffy Place.

    I am NOT going to say this again: Some objects need to be clicked on more than once. Chop-chop if you’re looking for stairs, erm a ladder.

    Use your swagger not your maid. (Are you a rhymster?)


    How many Spoilers did it take to get yourself outta Plum Room? What was it like to be trapped in there?



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