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    Stuck again! You guessed it. There’s no turning back when you go to the next room. Make sure you have done all you need to do before venturing further up the castle. I suppose I should have mentioned that sooner.


    The Crane Room, is it? Like the good luck symbol? Let’s hope! Better not be misleading. I’m suspicious, though. Very, very suspicious.


    Side Note: There is one puzzle on this floor that is incredibly difficult to crack. I looked and looked all over the web a few times and I couldn’t find the solution- not even any hints! Although, I did notice that I wasn’t the only one searching for the answer. I was spiraling down into the abyss of despair. If this puzzle has remained unsolved the world over for seven years since the game’s release, how am I gonna solve it??

    After an undesirable amount of time, I finally did solve the puzzle. I mean, I had no choice but to crack it. There is no progression until each puzzle is solved. The choices are simple: figure out the puzzle or uninstall the game.

    Can you come up with the solution to the maniacal riddle of the Crane Room? I think you can. It’s not easy, but it’s possible to figure out with some thought and resolve. Besides, the Spoilers are available to us if the riddle is too much of a struggle. So there’s nothing to lose.

    Just think, RPG Insanity is the FIRST to get the solution to this ECO dilemma out to the world. Huzzah! Score one for Team RPGInsanity!! 😁😀🤗

    Additionally, if the Second Floor Crane Room has stumped the world, then that means any more puzzles or riddles we solve from here on out also haven’t been previously solved. We are gonna OWN this game!! We will have exclusive bragging rights. I’m proud. You should be, too!

    So, here goes … !


    Spoiler: The Most Obvious Thing You Do When You're Stuck in a Room.

    How ’bout check the door?


    Spoiler: That Simple Little Thing You Just Did? Is Minor Compared to the Rest of the Floor.

    A sliding door. Great! I’m a Ninja. I’ll just scale down the wall. On second thought … I’m being selfish. I still need to find the princess. Well, it’s a pretty view, anyway. I better look around some more. Like, look really good. I have a feeling I have a lot to do on this Floor. (And you’re absolutely right!)


    Spoiler: This Wasn't a Simple Little Next Move as You Thought! Now What Do You Do?

    No matter what I do, I can’t find a clue.

    There IS something different. I just know it! But no magic is happening. Nothing. Nada. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong area on the screen.


    Spoiler: Looks Like Sterling Silver

    The Silver Arrows at the bottom of my screen weren’t lit up when I was downstairs. Hmm.

    Better go right. Right is right.


    Spoiler: Forgetting What is Necessary to Remember. Again.

    A second room? I must remember what to do now.  It’s something important… About repeating actions. What was it again? Remember


    Spoiler: Shame on Them! Defacing a Fine Piece of Dinnerware!

    Who would scribble on fine China? What if this strange poem is important? Why write 22th? I thought it was 22nd. Maybe I’m just being nit-picky.

    Winter, Dec, 22th Eve
    Spring, Feb, 5th Eve
    Summer, May, 7th Eve

    Those dates. Huh? I don’t get it. Hopefully, there are more pieces of the puzzle to find.


    Spoiler: Cheap Artwork.

    Numbers? I know that artwork is a cheap knockoff. Nevertheless, there is a good clue here, even though I don’t know what it means…yet!

    Winter to Spring: 45 days
    Winter to Summer: 136 days

    That’s 45136. Haha! I’m so clever. At least, I hope so.  Maybe delirium is setting in. Maybe I’m just confused and making up stuff.

    Think I’m done here. I’ll keep going right.


    Spoiler: This Floor is Bigger than I Thought!

    A third room?? I must remember


    Spoiler: Taking a Scroll Through the Neighborhood

    I’m figuring out this wall hanging. I’ll need to look at it more than once. Twice? Three times?

    No more! It’s garbage. Taking out my Blade and … “Hiiii-yaaaah!


    Spoiler: My name is Shredder

    Not gonna stop the slicing until …

    … I can read something!


    Spoiler: Think. Think.

    Oh! Something to read.

    When have been the times I did use spells?


    Spoiler: Can't Keep a Ninja Outta Anything.

    This locked drawer has me so curious! I can’t open it no matter what I do. Makes me wanna see what’s inside. It’s okay. Once I find a way, I’m coming back to find out what’s hiding in there. I won’t give up! There may be lots of money in there.


    Spoiler: The Plot Thickens

    …and this cupboard drawer is suspicious. I must rememberremember that very important instruction.


    Spoiler: Riddle Me This

    Writing, eh? Those sneaky ninjas. Um, sneaky ninjas? Well, I guess that’s about right. I should know! 😁

    Fall starts on August 7
    Winter starts on November 6

    Hmph! Mumbo jumbo, I bet.


    Spoiler: When Doves Cry

    Is there a nest of doves in that vase? I better check it a FEW times.


    Spoiler: Now What Have I Done? brb.

    What was that sound? To the left? How much further left can I go? Um..oh yeah. This isn’t cramped like downstairs.


    Spoiler: I'll Take What's Behind Door Number One.

    I’m gonna get real mad if …


    Spoiler: Ahh! Huff! Huff!

    Another Samurai Puppet!?! Oh, c’mon! Hidden behind another secret door. Kemco couldn’t get more creative with these traps? Tsk! Tsk!


    Spoiler: I'm Gonna be a Gonner if I Don't Figure Out Something Quickly!

    What if that thing gets outta there? I suppose he could get out if he really wants me dead.  Can’t fight wind. I have a steel Blade not magic in my arsenal of weps.  That’s it! Another spell!


    Spoiler: Gonna Burn It to the Ground!

    Aha! I have that fire spell. I’m gonna go burn up something. Or, rather, some thing.

    Cinder Twin Powers: ACTIVATE!





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    I guess I’ll start the game too (mainly because I usually play RPG games and totally ignored this game).

    Welcome 😇

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    Thanks, @mastertrek! Be great to have you’re company.  I still have quite a few more threads to post.  Sticking in all the spoilers is taking a little time.  The last page or two I have to include isn’t polished whatsoever.  But I’m pushing onward to get it all out there.

    My thoughts were the same as yours. Hooked on RPGs and didn’t even think to venture elsewhere. Or even notice anything else. Glad I did stumble across this one, though.  Had a lot of fun with this game. And I don’t think I’m done yet. You’ll see 😉.


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