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    Things are heating up now, eh?


    Spoiler: The Puppet No Longer Has Its Strings

    Rats! (Heh. None in here, either.) But it’s so dark. I’m not going into the dark. Just in case there are rats! Maybe I can check out the darkness from here.


    Spoiler: Playing Blind Man's Bluff

    I’m gonna grope around the darkness on the floor in here. Maybe magic puppets drop trinkets when they explode.


    Spoiler: A Pinocchio Body Part?

    A wooden key? Wooden. Key.


    Spoiler: Well, It's Not Round. That's for Sure.

    What a weird looking key. It’s flat.

    Gonna head back the way I came and continue Eastward through the rooms.  The nausesting stench of burning puppet is something that should never be experienced.


    Spoiler: It Feels Like I've Walked a Mile

    This Crane Floor is huge! A fourth room!

    Kinda creepy, too.  Nobody likes these things! Bad as clowns!


    Spoiler: Seasonal Allergies. Too Much Pollen in Here.

    Flower vases. Flower vases. Why so many? I’m sick of them. Gonna destroy this little one on the wall. That oughta relieve some tension. And help clear up my nasal passages.


    Spoiler: Gardening. Ninja Style.

    Of course! Flowers can provide me with a useful tool or souvenir. That kinda stuff always happens!

    If I dig enough into it, maybe I’ll find a pretty twig as a memento. Or a beautiful Mountain Laurel flower for the princess.

    I’m gonna need Allegra after this!


    Spoiler: Unearthing Implements Like an Archeologist

    What am I supposed to do with a silly ole stick?? Got it! A hole. I saw a round hole. Stepping to the right.

    Hey! I’m right back where I started.

    Welp! Gonna highlight the wooden thingy and …


    Spoiler: A Hole in the Wall

    I’m in.  Umm…. Nothing. This place is dead.




    Spoiler: Hey, Ninja! How bout a Little Action?!

    Oh! Flip it!

    I didn’t do anything to the switch after I placed the lever. Heh.

    Cut me some slack, will ya? I’m all stressed out. Ya know? Running through the woods, trying to save the princess, fighting off Kemco puppets, climbing rope ladders, running up stairs, searching all these rooms, cracking riddles & puzzles. When was the last time YOU did all this stuff??

    C’mon, man. This is hard work.



    What was I doing again?


    Spoiler: My Feet Hurt Now from All This Walking

    (You go back to the left! Sheesh!)


    Spoiler: A Captivating Cutie

    Another doll appeared in the shrine! Heh! It’s kinda cute. Creepy, too.  Gotta check it out. I wanna see it up-close.


    Spoiler: Touching the Merchandise

    That doll! It’s so divine and mesmerizing. I just wanna keep touching it. And touching it. Can’t. Stop. Touching. It.


    Spoiler: A Poetry Reading

    Wha waz dat??


    Wanna read this poetry real quick before I leave the room to investigate the noise.


    Spoiler: Another Piece of the Puzzle

    How on Earth did those words change on that cheap ole scroll? Aah! I see.

    Win solstice – Aut 1st,
    Win solstice – Win 1st

    What does all this info mean? Things are making less and less sense. But it should be more and more. This has gotta be a joke.  A bad one!

    (You have no idea how bad.)


    Spoiler: You're in the Army Now

    Hut! Hut! Hut! Left. Left. Left, right, left. Here I go again. Sayonara, doll.


    Spoiler: Ah ten shun!

    The left, right, left, thing confused me.  Just say it in one word, please?

    Okay. Westward.

    Check for your prize.


    Spoiler: I Knew I'd Get in There!

    Weehee! I knew it! So happy it opened! No drawer can escape my prying ninja eyes.

    My first puzzle. Ooh!! This is so exciting! Erm, what do I do with that hole, though? Flat. Something flat. Sheesh. All these clues shrouded in so much mystery. I don’t have anything flat. Do I?


    Spoiler: Too Many Holes in this Story

    Flat? Oh, yeah! A puzzle with a flat hole!





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