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    Okay.  Here we are.  Swimming in a deep sea, and there’s no land in sight.  Nothing to look at but miles and miles of these impossible clues.

    You have completed the Second Floor … except for this one puzzle.  And what a puzzle it is, huh?

    All the following Spoilers will be hints to help you solve it if you really get stuck. Just peek at them one at a time. Block off some time in your day to really ponder this enigma.  It most likely won’t come easily. Then again, it may. You guys are a group of brilliant folk.

    Let us know how you do!

    Drum roll

    Spoiler: Puzzle Hint Number One

    Neatly write these clues.

    First, write down the entire riddle that has the number of days counted. Ya know, the 45 and 136 thingy.

    Secondly, write down the entire riddle that has the dates that Winter, Spring, and Summer begin.

    By-the-way, are you a little curious why the Winter day is written as the 22th and not the 22nd? Kinda odd, dontcha think? Maybe there’s something particular about that day since it’s written incorrectly and the others are written properly. It stands out. If you don’t know what that date means, you could (actually, you should) Google it. 😉. After all, it is drawing our attention to it.

    Third, write down the entire riddle that has the start dates for Fall and Winter.

    Lastly, write down the Winter Solstice and the Aut/Win riddle.

    Stare at the clues. For a looooooong time. You may start to get a familiar sense of something that is about to emerge. Is anything starting to make sense; any pattern?

    No? Keep trying then. It’s there. You just gotta look for it.


    Spoiler: Number Two

    Don’t worry. I won’t leave you hanging there. Just trying to exercise your brain. This is how these Escape games can be. So buckle up!

    Here’s the hint:

    The riddle with the number of days 45 and 136 ended up being 45136. That’s a good place to begin. It’s something definitely worth noticing and understanding. Does that help you? Because if you DO understand it as you go back & forth looking at the other clues, then the rest of the clues may start to make much more sense.

    If you’re still drawing a blank keep trying a little longer. If you’re on your last few remaining functioning brain cells, take a break. Maybe try again later when you’re feeling refreshed. If you just want this over with, then keep reading.


    Spoiler: Number Three

    The 45136 riddle is actually a formula; instructions, if you will, on how to solve the puzzle. It may not be obvious at first how to solve each riddle, but if you stare and compare long enough, using the 45136 as the foundation to solving this puzzle, and if you tinker around with some simple math, it is possible you’ll nail it.

    Is that any help?


    Spoiler: Number Four

    Okay. I see you’re really in a jam. I’m gonna help you out, once and for all. In the next Spoiler. Hah!

    I really want you to do it on your own. It’s quite rewarding. This is your last chance, so I need to be sure I don’t ruin it for you. Because the next Spoiler is the answer to the ridiculously hard number-puzzle. For real.

    Just think: puzzles in these games typically get more difficult as you progress through the story. (I’m not sure about this game’s puzzles tbh, because I’m writing the Walkthrough as I play it for the first time. I don’t know what lies ahead. I’m in the same place you are right now. Or, I was in the same place as you at the time of this writing.) It’s kinda funny imo. Once I solved the puzzle, I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. But of course, hindsight makes us feel that way.

    A final bit of help before I spill the beans: a calendar should be of good use to you. Google may be a good tool to use, too. Google always helps. Even if you have the slightest inclination that you may need to look up something you’re not feeling 100% sure about, you should search the web. You never know what little scrap of seemingly insignificant info could help you or could trigger something that was previously only slightly noticeable.

    It’s okay. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


    Spoiler: Number Five. Preparing to Conclude the Second Floor

    Fed up? Give up? Aww. 😔. Okay.

    This is actually a brilliant puzzle. I’m quite impressed by the genius who created it. Here it is:

    This is what we have:

    Winter to Spring 45 days
    Winter to Summer 136 days

    This clue above, like I mentioned a little earlier, is the instruction formula to solve the puzzle. The takeaway is how they took the seasons of Spring and Summer and, by counting forward from Winter, determined the days between the given seasons.  Take note that Winter is the starting point each time. (That formulaic set-up becomes significant a little later as we solve for the solution.) Solving those calculations, in order, ended up giving us 45136 when set side-by-side in the order they were solved. No need to confirm the math. Just trust the numbers. That is what’s important.

    So, now that we know how to set up the problem with that example, let’s take a look at the rest of the clues we found in the rooms on the floor. Yes, that clue is an example. Nothing more. You won’t need it for anything else. Let’s continue.

    Winter (begins) December 22nd, er, the 22th.
    Spring (begins) February 5th.
    Summer (begins) May 7th.

    Remember, our ninja thought there was something fishy about “22th.” And he was correct in thinking so. Why make that obviously intentional error unless our attention needs to be drawn to it? If you didn’t know what is significant about December 22nd, you should know now if you Googled it. It is the start of Winter Solstice. Good to know!

    (I Googled all three dates, in particularly, how they may apply to Japanese culture. The February and May dates didn’t reveal anything that seemed to be appropriate or significant to the game or clues. Which is how I concluded, after seeing that another clue in this puzzle includes Winter Solstice, and none of the info I found about the other two dates were significant, then the “22th” and Winter Solstice have to be relevant.)

    Now we have this next tidbit of info:

    Fall starts August 7th.
    Winter starts November 6th.

    Finally, we have the following clue. But more than it being a clue, it is the “equation” we need to solve. Do you see how I set all this up for you? Your instructions (or example problem), your necessary info for functions, and the problem to solve.

    Here’s the problem we need to solve:

    Winter Solstice through the first day of Autumn.
    Winter Solstice through the first day of Winter.

    Are you having an “aha” moment now? Here is that significance I wrote about in an earlier paragraph: Winter Solstice is the date we start counting, and Autumn and Winter are the dates we stop counting. Just as, from the example provided, Winter is the starting date for both Spring and Summer; and Spring and Summer are the end dates. Different wording, but similar design.

    We take out our handy-dandy calendar, and we start counting days. It’s easier to do now since we have starting and ending points. We have the date Winter Solstice begins (December 22nd). And we are provided with the dates that Fall/Autumn (August 7th) and Winter (November 6th) begin. You wanna take over from here? It’s not too late.

    This is what we get: There are 228 days from the start of Winter Solstice to the start of Autumn. There are 319 days from the start of Winter Solstice to the start of Winter. According to the “instructions” we were given, we must join those numbers together, in order – like what happened with that 45136 thingy.

    We end up with 228319.

    Oh? What’s this?? Six digits!

    See? That wasn’t so bad.

    Now get to that puzzle box and end this charade.

    I fibbed.  We’re not quite done. Almost.  But at least you can take a breather now.


    Spoiler: Grab a Broom. We Gotta Sweep this Little Area.

    What’s that little red thing on the floor? I’ll grab it, then …Going up!


    Phew! What a mind-blowing floor. Oh, man! What if the floors get more difficult to navigate? What if there are more traps? Or more of those naughty & evil Samurai Puppets? I gotta hurry and find the princess and put an end to these riddles! At least I got some good cerebral exercise. It’s good to train for what lies ahead. Ninjas love training!


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