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    We did well to get this far up the towering and ominous Castle Orochi. Those puppets can be such a nuisance. Since they’ve been everywhere, I think we’d be wise not to discount them just yet.

    The Third Floor is manageable.  I found it to be the most fun.  Not too hard, not too easy.

    Ready to continue our adventure?


    Spoiler: Is It Really Okay to Abscond with the Stuff Littering this Place?

    Who is in charge of housekeeping in this place!?! I almost broke my neck tripping over the stuff on the floor.


    Spoiler: If You're Not the Housekeeping Type

    Pick up from the floor the sheath with a blade that has a broken hilt.

    And while you’re at it, you might as well pick up the spear from floor.


    Spoiler: Phew! It's Hot in Here. Anything to Help Me Cool Off a Little?

    There are a couple of items you could use that will help you cope with the heat. (The heat is included as artistic license for dramatization.)  Ninja outfits are probably made from thin materials to help them move more freely.  But it seems like the air conditioning broke down in this room.  You ought to try to spot a couple of items to help you.  It’s gonna take two hands.  So go ahead and strap your Blade to your waist. At least for now.


    Spoiler: I Need More Help Cooling Off

    Straight ahead are two fans. The top fan gives you a clue.  Remember


    Spoiler: These Aren't Riddles. They're Ridiculous.

    The clue:
    If Rat is Nov
    Ox is Dec
    Tiger is Jan

    Say wha…?

    I can figure it out soon enough. Right now, it just looks like somebody’s winter hunting plan.


    Spoiler: I Know You See It. Just Go Ahead and Get It Done!

    Whatcha waitin’ for, Chicken Ninja? Open the wall panel already.


    Spoiler: Ooh! Ooh! That Smell! Cantcha Smell that Smell?

    Don’t know what that puppet had for dinner, but I BETTER get that window open a little.  Just a little. I’m not gonna stop til I get some air in here.  Right now!

    The breeze gently blows the curtain. The curtain shimmers like diamonds.  My eyes sparkle with dollar signs.  I’m one of those greedy ninjas.  I touch the curtain.  The “gentleman” tipped his hat to me. He gets it.

    (Little artistic license.  Gotta get you to activate some things in case you overlook them and screw up your bonus.  You’re welcome.)


    Spoiler: Weapons Abound

    The matchlocks on the Second Floor didn’t move. Maybe this one doesn’t, either. Maybe. (Can you see it? It’s not very noticeable, but it can’t be far.)

    …and what am I supposed to remember again? That thing I was told I would NOT be told again….


    Spoiler: A Sand in Time

    There’s an itty-bitty white speck.  See it?


    Spoiler: Concentric Circles

    I found a diagram of the Chinese zodiac obscurely stuck to the wall behind the matchlock. How odd! Sure looks like it means something. But what? Maybe I need to look at it a little longer. Something may begin to make sense.

    I’m still in Japan, though, aren’t I? The Chinese zodiac chart threw me off for a moment.


    Spoiler: Child's Play

    Did some kid draw that red arrow? I’m gonna touch it to see if it feels like crayon.

    Oboy! I think I have another doozy of a puzzle on my hands with that zodiac diagram.


    Spoiler: Connecting the Dots

    But wait! I have this zodiac chart and I have that riddle about animals. Are they connected?  They share some of the same info.  I should at least try to figure out if they may be two parts of the whole.



    Spoiler: 4-1-1, Please

    I really don’t know much about the Chinese zodiac. Guess I better Google it to see what I can learn.

    Well, that was no help. The Chinese zodiac goes by years, not months. So what’s the deal with Nov, Dec, Jan? At least they’re all a sequence. But, what do they mean?


    Spoiler: The Wheels are Spinning

    Alright. I now know that in Chinese zodiac, the rat comes immediately before the ox, which comes immediately before the tiger. Like Nov, Dec, Jan does. But why start in November with the rat when that puts the rat toward the end of the year? Plus, the Chinese zodiac doesn’t have months.

    The rat is first in Chinese zodiac, and January is first on the calendar. But, according to the riddle, the tiger is January, not the rat. How do I make the tiger and January align on the diagram so they’re both in first position? Is that what I’m supposed to do?

    Maybe that red counterclockwise arrow (that isn’t in crayon, after all) is an indicator that will help me align the tiger to the January position.


    Spoiler: Seeing Things Through Rose-Colored Glasses

    Some animals are in red. Purposeful or decorative?


    Spoiler: Well, Now this is Making Me See Red!!

    Maybe the five red markings have something to do with their numeric position after I imagine turning the diagram counterclockwise? It’s just another idea.

    I need to write down all the patterns that I think could have significance. I really don’t want to come back here and stare at this thing again.


    Spoiler: Five is the Magic Number

    Got the five numbers according to the numeric position of the red markings on the Chinese zodiac diagram after I rotated the tiger to the January position in a counterclockwise direction. I wrote them down so I won’t forget them. But where do they go? What are they for?

    Maybe if I keep searching the room, I’ll find something.


    Spoiler: Go Get Another Breath of Fresh Air

    What’s that box-like thing below the window?


    Spoiler: Another Box. Another Puzzle.

    Wow! Another fabulous puzzle! I need five numbers for it though.


    Spoiler: It's Broken! The Numbers Don't Work.

    The numbers aren’t working!!

    Hold up.  Hold up.  Hold up.  I have an idea. The arrow was pointing counterclockwise.

    Counterclockwise … as in backwards??

    (Still got the numbers wrong? Then try to figure out the diagram again. If you’re still stuck, the Spoiler below gives you the answer. Keep trying, though, to see if you can do it on your own. If you have the correct numbers and solved the puzzle, then you can skip the next Spoiler.)


    Spoiler: Just Give It to Me Already

    13479 are highlighted on the diagram, if we start the tiger as January. But the arrow points counterclockwise. So, if we follow the same pattern, 13479 becomes 97431. These numbers go in the puzzle below the window.


    Spoiler: This Isn't What I Think It's for, Is It?

    Congratulations! You have a NEW weapon!

    Congratulations! You have a NEW Samurai Puppet!

    (Whoops. That part slipped.)


    NVM. Just go sic ‘im!


    Spoiler: Is It Dead Yet?

    Well, is it?


    Spoiler: I Think He's Asleep in There

    No. He’s not. He isn’t gonna bother with someone who isn’t a challenge.  Formidable ninjas remember to ready themselves for battle.

    Yeah.  You said it! Smh

    (Just remember, this dood reeks.  BREAK the window all the way open when he is slain.)

    Make sure you check the floor for any, um, shards of glass. *Snicker* Ninjas wear shoes that are … not really shoes.  Be worse than stepping on Legos.


    Spoiler: Let's Watch a Little MATchLOCK

    It’s gone, right? Then collect your reward from the shrapnel.

    Maybe I DO need that MATchLOCK for some protection.  It’s worth a try.


    Spoiler: Keys Open Doors

    Not really.  They open wall panels. *Gulp!*

    Dont worry.  You got this one.  Just gotta figure out how to find that puppet, Oscar the Grouch.

    May I suggest that you first take a moment to smell the flowers? And sniff em good. Double good!

    And for crying out loud, remember to “Select” the key this time.


    Spoiler: I am the god of gods!

    Yessssss! The “god of wind” spell dropped. (Auto-fortifies dagger.)


    Spoiler: Repair Work

    Is a short stick anything like a hilt?

    Like a hilt that broke off a sword?


    Spoiler: First Episode of MacGyver

    Like the sheathed sword with a broken hilt in my inventory?

    Time to do a little MacGyverism!

    *MacGyverism: manipulating individual parts/objects until the parts make a whole. A whole new item that phenomenally gets you out of a pinch you’d otherwise stand no chance of overcoming.

    To combine items in your inventory, otherwise known as performing MacGyverism, “Select” (highlight) one of the objects you wish to join with another object. Once the desired object is highlighted, use the silver arrows at the bottom of the screen to move the cursor through your inventory. When you get to the second item you want to join with the highlighted item, the game will offer you a prompt to “Combine.” Choose to Combine. There! You performed MacGyverism.

    *MacGyverism is named after Angus “Mac” MacGyver. Mac was the MC from the TV series “MacGyver” that aired during the mid-80s. In every episode, the super-handsome (not that you care about that adjective I put in there) MacGyver used every-day items in his immediate surroundings to create amazing “tools.” Those tools, that no one else on the planet would ever think to create, would help Mac get out of ANY bad spot he found himself or others to be in- when there wouldn’t have been any other possible ways to get out of the dire situation.


    Spoiler: Getting Rid of Extra Baggage

    I’m sure you can’t carry around a big ole sword when you have your own Ninja Blade strapped to your waist. Isn’t there anywhere in this room you can leave it? Have you even tried?

    And, let’s be realistic, you’re a stealthy Ninja who moves like the wind. So you also shouldn’t be carrying around that spear that’s as long as a pole vault. Just leave the weps. The sword and spear don’t belong to you anyway. They’re gonna have to stay behind.


    See! Not stealing other people’s stuff has it’s rewards. Here is a left-handed applause for you. Yes… Left. Now move it.


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