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    Easiest room in Castle Orochi. No hard puzzles, but some things MUST be done in a specific order.

    Don’t fret. Your itsy-bitsy candle won’t burn out leaving you groping hopelessly in the dense darkness.

    WARNING!! None of these Spoilers are cheeky like some of the other ones I wrote. (Only just a little cheeky to have some fun.)  They are not clues or hints. The Spoilers are the actual solutions. Since the Pine Room has nothing unmanageable to do, all I did was write the sequence of steps in each Spoiler so you can still make your escape in the event of a snafu. Proceed with caution through the Spoilers.

    There is one task to do that could be easy to miss. There is an obvious Spoiler below about it.  It is for the TARGET.

    You’re making great progress, and you’re getting much closer to your goal. So close, you’re about to be on the same floor with her.


    Spoiler: Let There be Light

    Activate (highlight) your sword to smash the plate on the big chest. Well, you end up smashing it, but you really were trying to take it.

    … … …

    … … …  …

    Wait for it.

    … … … … … …

    … … … … … … …

    That’s right! See what happens to five-finger discounters in this castle?

    …then try to steal the dart board. Don’t forget to duck. 😳


    Spoiler: Old Mother Hubbard Went to the ...



    (Yeah. Yeah. I know.)


    Spoiler: More Toys and Spells

    Oh, well. Only one new Ninja Star is up for grabs. Take the red powder and talisman, too.

    Were u paying attention? Red powder can turn a talisman into a spell.


    Spoiler: Gremlins

    You should be feeling brave with that cool new weapon you ripped off from the cabinet. And you know very well by now those evil Samurai Puppets are ALWAYS behind those panels on the wall. Let’s get it over with now.  “Select” the Ninja Star, and go kill the puppet. Cough




    What a bummer. Not only is the puppet still alive, but you lost your cool new Ninja Star. Looks like you’re gonna need another one.


    Spoiler: Back to the Scene of the Crime

    Check the spot where you obtained the talisman.

    Then check it again. Collect the hidden green powder there.

    While you’re in there …


    Spoiler: BOGO Weps

    … There is another Ninja Star you can get. Remember? The one you couldn’t get earlier from the cabinet?


    Spoiler: Reading Time

    Read the talisman.

    Red and green, white. Water, fire.”


    Spoiler: All this Work is Making Me Thirsty

    Open the barrel.


    Spoiler: Watch Your Step

    Did you notice the floor chamber on the right side of the room? I bet you notice it now. Get the mortar & pestle from it.


    Spoiler: Jogging One's Memory

    Remember this from the talisman?

    Red and green, white. Water, fire.”

    That’s kinda important now.


    Spoiler: Preparing for Wedding Day

    Use your dagger to open the rice bag.


    Spoiler: Dinner by Candlelight.

    Click the left lantern twice.


    Spoiler: Not Last nor Least

    Listen! A little lingering loot lying lazily at lower left-like linoleum lost by lit lantern.

    In other words: when you opened the lantern, something fell from it. Be sure to get it.


    Spoiler: A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Combine green and red powers. Green and red make yellow. We all know that from childhood.

    “Select” the yellow powder and combine it with the mortar & pestle.

    (You did get the green powder from the secret panel inside the cabinet, behind where the talisman was obtained, right?  If not, the green powder is inside the cabinet on the left side. Interact with it twice to reveal it.)


    Spoiler: Let's Go for a Dip

    Use the mortar & pestle to get some water from the barrel.


    Spoiler: Fire and Brimstone

    “Select” the mortar & pestle and interact with the left floor lantern. You need the heat from the candle’s flame to turn the mixture into a magic powder.

    (Could you imagine how long that would really take?? No smithy tongs or oven mitts, either.  Sounds like a really big design flaw in the game if you ask me 😋.)


    Spoiler: MacGyver Time, Take Two

    “Combine” your MacGyverism, I mean magic, medicine with the talisman.

    Use the magic talisman on the 2nd Ninja Star to make a Magic Ninja Star.


    Spoiler: Magic Medicine Recap

    Just to make sure I’m not forgetting any details:

    Many of these things do not have to be done in the exact order given. I know you have the idea of what to do. This list is so we can double-check ourselves in case we missed a step.

    –Get talisman;
    –Get red powder;
    –Get hidden green powder;
    –Get 2nd Ninja Star;
    –Get mortar & pestle;
    –Open water barrel;
    –Open left floor lantern;
    –Get rice by cutting the bag with your dagger (which will automatically pour the rice into the bowl and get pulverized to a powder);
    –“Select” green powder and “Combine” it with red powder to make a yellow powder;
    –“Select” yellow powder and “Combine” it with the mortar & pestle;
    –“Select” mortar & pestle;
    –Interact with water;
    –“Select” mortar & pestle;
    –Interact with left floor lantern;
    –“Select” magic medicine and “Combine” with talisman;
    –“Select” talisman and “Combine” with 2ndNinja Star.


    Spoiler: The TARGET Spoiler You Need before Doing Anything Else- the one I mentioned that ya don't wanna miss

    Use your awesome Magic Ninja Star on the Target board.  It just may prove to be good practice for what you have to do next.

    …and don’t leave it behind. Pluck your nifty star from the target board. You’re gonna need it to take care of a baddie. Providing you remember to “Select” it.


    Spoiler: Gremlins Remake

    Just do it.

    Don’t forget to search inside the wall panel when the puppet is slain.

    DO NOT leave the room yet.


    Spoiler: Target PRACTICE is Over. The Death Toll is Rising.

    Interact with the big locked chest. Actually, it’s unlocked now. You did that when you knocked down the target board.

    Get the lamp outta your way. (After all the trauma you endured to get it lit. Pssh!)

    And now…face the wrath of the … Need I say it?

    Piece ‘o cake.

    Don’t forget to loot for spoils.


    Escape! Onward to the Fourth Floor! Cya upstairs.


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