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    Nearing the end, I think. Seriously, I’m not sure when or how this game ends.


    Spoiler: This is It?

    So, there are a total of four floors and eleven rooms in Castle Orochi.

    Have you been counting? Now would be a good time to count the rooms you’ve been in if you haven’t counted them yet. Go ahead and count them. How many rooms are remaining?


    Spoiler: Seven Come Eleven

    Hmm. Silver directional arrows are highlighted. We have three other rooms to explore on the Fourth Floor! Whaddya know? That’s 11 rooms. There aren’t any more floors. Only four. I guess we’ll be saying “goodbye” to each other soon.


    Spoiler: First Room: Main Room

    Tea kettle
    Screen partition
    Two curved indents. The left one is 9cm (3.5 inches).
    Pedestal for short sword
    Sacred display arrow
    Display armor

    Have I noticed everything in here? If not, I’ll poke around some more.


    Spoiler: All that Glitters Isn't Gold

    I think I see something small that’s glimmering on the floor. Maybe it’s worth something!


    Spoiler: Things are Finally Going Right

    Gonna call this room “Two-Cabinet Room.” (To the right of the Main Room.)

    To-do List:

    (1) Need to activate a trigger somewhere to unlock keyless armoire.
    (2) Small puzzle on top of armoire needs 4 numbers. The color red seems to be notable. (If it hasn’t been noticed by you yet, the “red” will become evident soon. If you need help solving this moderately difficult puzzle, there is a separate thread for it.)
    (3) Find 4 crickets.
    (4) Easy-peasy Samurai Puppet. Drops a map piece.


    Stone lantern
    Unknown flowers


    Spoiler: Need New Wallpaper in Here

    The wallpaper in here isn’t very modern. Maybe I should check it out.


    Spoiler: Maybe I Won't Remodel Yet

    Click the marking on the wall that’s slightly above and to the right of the curio cabinet.

    A piece of paper that reads:

    “‘The pair ate the Apple, sought repentence, but the snake had won.” And it ends with a red circular stamp.'”

    A biblical reference? In a place like this?


    Spoiler: What Did that Say??

    Lemme check that riddle again.


    Spoiler: That's A Change

    “‘The PAIR ATE the apple,
    sought REPENTENCE,
    but the snake had WON.’
    There’s a red dot at the end.

    Oh! So another riddle.  Is the kidnapper the Riddler?

    Hey! “Repentence” is misspelled. It’s “repentance.”


    Spoiler: Had Enough! Wanna Keep Going.

    Go right to the next room.


    Spoiler: Let's Have a Drink

    This is now the “Cushion Room” (which is to the right of the Two-Cabinet Room).

    In here, you will find:
    (1) Right cushion looks suspicious;
    (2) Both cushions are blue, for now;
    (3) I have to pick up the cricket from the floor;
    (4) Now that I’ve done that, I have to capture the four fugitive crickets! (Why are there crickets in here anyway?);
    (4) Now that I’ve done that, something unlocked to the left;
    (5) I still have the puzzle piece in my possession; and
    (6) Look for the “Picture of a checkpoint gate.”

    Also hanging around here:

    Shamisen instrument
    Mysterious ornament
    Hand ball
    China jar
    Three paper lanterns


    Spoiler: A Little More to Investigate; ELEVENth Hour.

    Go right to the “Aquarium Room.”

    In here:
    (1) Folding screen with water tanks that is too heavy for a ninja to move. (A folding partition with water tanks! Is that even possible??);
    (2) A standing paper lantern. It is an elegant ornament with a vivid illustration; and
    (3) An unlit brazier.

    Meh. No biggie.


    Spoiler: More Tacky Wallpaper

    I get it.  More about wallpaper.  I know what to do.


    Spoiler: American Graffiti

    Something is written between the ceiling lanterns:

    “‘The weight was on him…
    bring his chips even, or
    fold the pair of deuces.’
    It ends with a blue circular stamp.”

    Umm.. this has a familiarity to it. I should investigate it more.


    Spoiler: Once is Never Enough

    When I touched the riddle a second time, it changed!

    To this:
    “‘The WEIGHT was on him …
    bring his CHIPS EVEN, or
    fold the PAIR of DEUCES.’
    There’s a blue dot at the end.

    Red dot. Blue dot. … (dot dot dot)


    Two more of these unclear messages to ponder. I think I have an idea for some of it.


    Spoiler: Back to Square One

    Square One? What’s square? And what’s the first?

    Do I get to go right again?



    I’m not even playing the game, but I’m enjoying your humorous, informative, and even suspenseful writing in all these spoilers.  Very well done, and quite entertaining:)

    Older, but not wiser

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    Ahaha.  Thanks so much, oldtymer. It’s nice to hear I didn’t make the info unworthy of reading. I used to do a lot of writing back-in-the-day (which included screenplays & novellas), so breathing life into characters and telling colorful stories were essential for the trade. By habit, I started writing the Walkthrough the same way, even though it was evident to me that I’m quite rusty.  When I realized what I had done, I didn’t want to stop. It was alotta fun to recapture the memories of story-writing; and it was impossible to stop once I began! I hope this exercise in writing wasn’t like murk to me- turning me into a monster.  Look out!

    Speaking of murk… I use that as an everyday word now.  I’m brainwashed. It might be contagious, too. My two nephews have also said it. 😁


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