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    You’re getting cloooooser …


    Spoiler: Square One Again

    Back to the Main Room.

    I think I drank too much Sake. I better set down this bottle.


    Spoiler: No More Alcohol for Me!

    I set down the Sake bottle.  I’m glad I did. It became a trigger!


    Spoiler: It's Not a Noose

    A red rope appeared! I’ve been wanting a rope.  I’m gonna try to get it. It may be what I need to get down the wall of the castle. With the lovely princess, of course!


    Spoiler: This is Not My Ticket Outta Here.

    The sound on the map must be this… foolishness.

    Why does everything have to be so strange?

    I have come to believe the words “fool” and “map” in this bizarre statement somehow mean something.  I haven’t figured it out, though.

    (You’ll see what I mean. You may have to determine for yourself if this statement has relevance.)


    Spoiler: It's time again to REMEMBER

    I just want that rope!  I must try again.



    Spoiler: Shh! What Was THAT?

    A sound came from behind me. Can’t ignore it.


    Spoiler: A Cushion-y Place to Sit

    I’m back in the Cushion Room.

    The left blue cushion is now green and the right is purple!

    A clue.  It’s gotta be.  I’m not sitting on either of them now that they’re suspicious. I’ll check them first. Just to be safe.


    Spoiler: I'm Like a One-Man Army. If only for a Moment.

    A new sword! I like this one. Wonder if I can keep it?

    Stealing isn’t nice. I’ll find a safe place for it.


    Time to revisit:

    Main Room
    Cushion Room
    Main Room
    Two-Cabinet Room
    Main Room
    Aquarium Room
    Cushion Room
    Aquarium Room

    …in that order.

    It is up to you to figure out what to do in each room. The Spoilers below are included in case you have a lot of difficulty with any actions you must take.

    WARNING: The Spoilers are direct answers.  Nothing cheeky. Only look at them if you’re truly stuck. Just follow the sequence of rooms listed above and it will help you quite a bit.


    Spoiler: Main Room, Take One

    Pull the rope again.


    Spoiler: Cushion Room, Take One

    The cushions changed colors again. Check the left one.


    Spoiler: Main Room, Take Two

    Place the short sword in the pedestal. It becomes a trigger.


    Spoiler: Two -Cabinet Room

    Get the “exquisite bowl” from the now-unlocked cabinet.


    Spoiler: Main Room, Take Three

    Place the “exquisite bowl” in the indent that’s on the right cabinet.


    Spoiler: Aquarium Room, Take One

    Check the present-looking box on the floor and get the map piece.


    Spoiler: Cushion Room, Take Two

    Highlight the new map piece in your inventory.  Swap it with the map piece that’s on the upper right side of the map.


    Spoiler: Aquarium Room, Take Two

    A puzzle box with blue zeros appears on the wall to the left of the aquarium. “Red Zeros” puzzle is cracked. Now, just this “Blue Zeros” puzzle is left to solve. Then I think I’m done on this floor.

    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I’m coming for you, my princess!



    If you need help solving these puzzles, see the separate thread for it.

    Wow! The aquarium sank into the floor!

    This is it! Are you ready? If you think you are, then open the Turtle door.

    No need to equip anything. Attacks will auto-equip the appropriate weapon (unless the Walkthrough otherwise indicates it).


    THE END … ???


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