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    WARNING!! These are direct answers.  They are not cheeky hints.  Do your best to figure out the answers to the “Red Zeros” and “Blue Zeros” keypads.  These Spoilers are here IF you need help.

    As for myself, the “Blue Zeros” riddle was much easier to solve than the “Red Zeros” riddle.


    Spoiler: Solving the --Red Zeros-- Puzzle in the Two-Cabinet Room

    We need a four-digit code to solve the puzzle.

    This is what we have:


    That’s four words we need to change to four numbers. If you remember correctly, this puzzle indicates a red seal and a red dot as part of the clues.  That tells us we must use the solution to this puzzle to enter into the keypad that indicates it has the Red Zeros.

    Additionally, when we interacted with this clue a second time, some words become capitalized- indicating yet another clue that drew our attention to it.

    As a reminder, the correct spelling of “repentence” is “repentance.” The letter “a” was changed to create the word “ten” to match the rest of the method used in the riddle.

    Think homonyms; and remember, we need numbers.  So here goes.

    A PAIR of anything means there are two of them (2).

    ATE sounds like (homonym) eight (8).

    REPENTENCE, due to the misspelling, has the word ten in it (10).

    WON is a homonym for one (1).

    Now, the problem here is that we need four numbers for the red code, not five (2, 8, 10, and 1).

    How to correct it? In the riddle it reads this:

    The pair ate the apple, sought repentence, but the snake had won.

    Since a pair ate the apple, and they both sought repentance (or “repenTENce”), then the PAIR equally divide the “responsibility” (if you will) for seeking repentance.  Therefore, the third number of the code is: 10÷2=5.

    (Another way to look at it is, the PAIR each ate half the apple. So the repen”ten”ce is divided between them.)

    The answer to the riddle: 2851

    That code is keyed into the Red Zeros box.


    Spoiler: Solving the --Blue Zeros-- Puzzle in the Aquarium Room

    The original clue to the puzzle is given to us this way; and it indicates we are to use the solution to enter into the “Blue Zeros” keypad.

    The weight was on him…
    bring his chips even, or
    fold the pair of deuces.
    It ends with a blue circular stamp.

    The second time we interacted with the riddle it gave us these capitalized key words:


    Looking closely, we see that “weight” has the number “eight” in it (8).

    “Chips even” has the number “seven” in it (7).

    People who play cards know that a deuce is another word used for a two. So a “pair of deuces” is (22).

    We now have the four digits to enter into the “Blues Zeros” keypad: 8722.


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