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    (Literally just released… the second installment in the Pocket Size RPG series)


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    It takes all of 2.5 hours to complete.  😵

    It’s kind of a cute story, but I think it’s overall less good than the first one. (I’m trying to remember; I think the other short game was Archlion Saga? Anyway, it was better than this one. But this one is also free, and not a bad way to spend an afternoon…)

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    I liked the Archlion Saga more but this one is good too 🙂 There’s no need to expect some complex plot in a rather short game but let’s remember that the description says it’s length and overall it’s good 🙂

    And you don’t really need to worry about any grind (A lot of KEMCO games want a lot of grind, especially for post-game.. And I love some grinding 🙂 ) Here the game goes forward every minute 🙂 

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    Whole 2,5 hours? Not even half an hour less? That game is superb! 😀


    i replayed the game in english this time (finished it in japanese when it was not translated and available). the lenght of the game depends on how fast you complete the puzzle of chapter 2 in the lighthouse. i found it better than archlion and less dull. overall also a better story more “stable” and “consistent”. i am happy i downloaded it in japanese at the time of its release.since i am under android pie, i can’t see it in the store and i downloaded it again from my library of game. it runs great but again, hitpoint game…

    i fear for four legerrior which is the latest hitpoint and with”pie” i am assured to never play ancient phantasma in english.

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    Everdark Tower is on the Switch now, but the Switch price of $5.00 seems high for a 2-3 hour game. Maybe I’ll get it whenever it goes on sale.

    I did kind of, sort of, somewhat enjoy Archlion Saga. A little bit.

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    The game is not worth any money for it. Get the free version on the Android because it is free and not worth the asking price. In other words, its a scam.

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    The Google Play store link in the original post expressly states that Everdark Tower takes 2-4 hours to beat, but the Switch descriptions of Archlion Saga and Everdark Tower don’t explicitly say how long the games are.

    The Switch versions would feel less scammy if their e-shop listings were more up-front and honest about exactly what the buyer is getting. Oh, well.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)


    I bought Everdark Tower on the Switch when it went on sale for less than its base price $5. I recently played it, and wrote a review on this site.

    I really can’t recommend paying money for it, but it was exactly what I wanted when I played it… an ultra-short, comfy JRPG. The simplified battle system is similar to Archlion Saga, but with more nuance. If the player refrains from using stars to heal or open treasure chests, Everdark Tower has a not-insignificant amount of challenge, although it’s still on the easy side.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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