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    I’m still in the first town, but I’m gonna take a stab at explaining skills; if I get anything wrong or if someone can explain it more clearly, let me know.

    Paraphrased from the in-game Help:

    It looks like you don’t “learn” skills in this game, rather you “gain” skills by placing Crystals in your weapon slots. (Weapons appear to have up to four slots, depending on the weapon you equip.)

    Skill Crystals come in five varieties: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Time. Different crystals have different skills, at different levels.

    Skills are further broken up into magic skills (INT), and weapon skills (ATK). However, all skills use MP.


    Equipping skills

    When you equip a crystal onto your weapon, you can automatically use the skills (assuming you have the MP).

    Each weapon has a Main Slot, which it looks like will take any type of Crystal as long as your weapon is a high enough level.

    Weapons also have Sub Slots. Sub slots will only take certain elements (and again, only if your weapon is a high enough level).



    Rick’s Stock Muffs have a Main Slot, and one Sub Slot, both at Level 1. The Sub Slot only takes Light crystals, but you notice that Rick’s Main Slot already has a Light crystal equipped…

    Well, trade that for a Lv. 1 Fire Silt crystal, and then equip the Lv. 1 Lst Glow Slit crystal in his Sub Slot, and voila! Rick can now use Fire and Light:

    (Of course, it’s probably even more complicated than that – but I’m still in the first town!)  🙄

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    In addition to a crystal allowing you access to skills they also add effects just by equipping them.

    For example – White Bkn CrL adds 5 times damage to normal attacks – Dark and Lst Bkn Crl add “attack all” to normal attacks.

    Crystals can also add stat bonus which appear to stack.

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