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    All Sub-Quests. Complete all 10 for an achievement.

    Sub Quests

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    Thanks CD! I knew someone with skills (and patience) would come through.Β  πŸ˜†

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    Also peeps should know that in general, the sub quests don’t appear the first time you enter a town.

    Rather I’ve found that you need to complete the next part of the story quests, and then return to that town, and then the sub quest is there.

    (But I’ve actually only done 2 or 3, so it might just be that way for some of them.)Β  😐

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    Seeing as most of those are “find the NPC”, here is where they are actually found in their locations (if there is trouble finding them):

    1. Kidnapper is found in a side room not far from east entrance. (From the east entrance, go down at the first opportunity and follow until the end)
    3. Seria is right by the entrance to the equipment shop.
    4. Reinia the Torture Queen is found in the same place the boss was.
    5. Marslan’s mother is found in the inn, left from the counter.
    7. Emma is the old man NPC near the entrance portal.
    8. The bandits are found on the first screen, on a long path east of the entrance. (On every fork, don’t take the path down)
    9. Eric is found on the first screen from the south entrance. (First left of the first treasure chest you encounter, then near the stairs leading to the second screen, then on an expanse right before the entrance portal)
    10. The Demonius hideout is found on the second screen from the south entrance; the same place where you’ve found the bridge repair tools during your first run through Sagall River. (From the second screen, go up, then left, then up, follow until the end)

    And yes, I’m pretty sure all of them don’t appear the first time you enter the location.

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    I know this might be “bumping”, but shouldn’t this be on the walkthrough section? =S

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    It probably should be, and most likely it’s my doing that it’s not done yet (because when the game came out, I told everyone to post all the info here and I’d move it – otherwise someone would usually have turned this into a page by now.)

    In my defense, switching the site over to the new format turned out to be much more complex than I was expecting, and has eaten up most of my time this past month. I’m starting to get a better grasp on it now but most of my time is still spent handling admin stuff instead of publishing new pages.

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    I’m not accusing or demanding anything, and sorry if I gave to you this impression (Albeit it’s rather easy to my texts give that impression.)
    You have no need to defend yourself, everyone have the right to go busy. Unless, of course, if I was paying you to do that, evidently not the case.
    Therefore do not fell under pressure every time I come to a post which should be at walkthrough section but is not and I point that out.
    Finding this sort of stuff is like a hobby to me. Pointing them out is my attempt to be helpful.

    By the way and off the topic, I cannot read the spoiler section.
    My trusty debugger reported 10 broken imageshack links near the spoiler section. Manually trying to access them returns 404 error.
    Therefore I ask CoarseDragon to please either update links, use attachment system, or upload pictures again.
    Apparently imageshack did a few changes which rendered their links all broken.

    Thanks for the attention.

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    I’m not accusing or demanding anything, and sorry if I gave to you this impression (Albeit it’s rather easy to my texts give that impression.)

    No worries. I didn’t get that impression at all; it’s just a lot of things have been slipping through the cracks lately. It honestly is helpful to point these things out – some of them I might not fix anyway (because I just don’t have time), but something like imageshack pictures going missing, definitely should be called out.

    (And I, for one, do not take any offense to your posts, or read them as being accusatory, or anything other than wanting to help, so please continue to find mistakes. If you were calling people names or something like that, that would be different – but pointing out an obvious error… Like I said I might not fix every one, but I would be foolish to get upset by it…) πŸ˜›

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    @CD, @MSG the links in the spoiler tab are not showing up for me either.

    @searinox119 can you add the rest of the subquests , like where they are received or where to find the npcs that give them? i’m having a hard time finding them all. think my last one was marslans mother , and where is 6 and 2?


    yea trying to find number 4 is killing me. only got up to the point of number 5 though. but I like to make sure I get quests done in order.

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