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    I can’t beat the last boss, had no problem with previous ones what is the recommended level to beat him?


    If you are on “snappy” difficulty, level 75 is ample. If on “deep”, probably at least 85. However, level isn’t really as important as tactics. With the right combination of attacks, and plenty of resources, he isn’t that tough.
    On snappy just for kicks I defeated him and he got only 1 turn! (I was at very high levels for that.) On “deep” you will need to work, but focus on limiting how often he gets his turn(s), and always completely heal (use barbeque set (XL) before his next turn. Probably two healers and 3 hitters, lower his DEF to max your damage, if possible lower his magic, and use your big dragon skills. Pay attention to his status so you don’t get your attacks reflected, debuff him when you can, and ALWAYS use the biggest speed slowdown in your arsenal. It also helps to be at 100% EP at the start and use that immediately.

    Use the noble weapons and transmigrate them until you get the 50% damage reduction (magic better than physical). Most characters will have 2 “extra” crystal slots not needed for the battle, so try to pick ones that give useful bonus.

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    On Deep, actually, even on the level cap (Level 99), the final boss was tough. He loves to combo with Frozen (Which debuffs your attack and defense, if I’m not mistaken) and Darkness (Which has a chance of confusing your party members) to deal huge damage (Around 2000-3000 damage, and your party may have around 6000-7500 HP at that point).

    One thing, make sure you pack a ton of XL Barbecue Sets and XL Cold Waters, and make sure you have high-damaging weapons (Hero Greatsword+999 and Hero Spear+999 deal huge damage to him, so if Yamato and/or Tsubasa have them, have them as your damagers). Also make sure you have high-tier physical skills, because around halfway through the fight, he resists magic attacks. DON’T use physical attacks if he decides to reflect them. It’ll go away after a few turns, but if you can’t use magic on him either, just focus on defending and healing.

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    I was maxed at level 99. If you take your time with this game, you can use the cauldron a lot to get even stronger. Sometimes I would play this game just for a few minutes during work just to update the weapons with the cauldron than power down and get back to work.

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