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    Are you enjoying this game? How many playable character are there?  Is it as good as the asdivine series? I am thinking about getting it.


    Oh, btw, i do not care about spoilers. So feel free. Is the story decent enough?


    I enjoyed it, but not on the level of the Asdivine Series. There are approximately 5 playable characters, but the 5th character doesnt become playable until the last parts of the game. Its unique, brought some good new things however what I should warn you is the fact that this game has little to no post game content.

    Its a good game, but on par with Asdivine? Hmm, not quite.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Truth is, though, i am not much of a post game guy, so in that regard it should not bother me much.  I like the game to end when the story is over. I would not mind some super bosses, however.

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    Hey jimmyjoe,

    Like Azyleo said, the game is good, and it introduces some cool new concepts with the weapon and skill systems.

    Skills are all attached to Crystals, and the Crystals go in slots on your weapons – but, as you strengthen your weapon it can hold higher level Crystals (which, equals higher level skills.) So, any one can have any skill combination, as long as their weapon supports the right Crystals. (Sounds a little confusing but once you play the game it starts to make more sense.)

    I think it had a pretty good story, and I wasn’t too upset about lack of post-game content, but I was kind of expecting something since Exe Create usually does a Normal End and a True End. Instead, in this game you reach a certain point and then the story just continues – but when you do get the 5th character, it kind of feels like you know you’re in “True End” content; it’s just that there’s no Normal End credits and save data etc… the story just keeps going.

    Also you need to collect item drops from the monsters in order to upgrade your armor and weapons – so they kind of found a way to make monster drops more meaningful, and I thought that was pretty cool.

    One thing beware of – if you play as a Premium user with the free IAP, there’s the potential to become way too overpowered early on, and then every Boss battle except for maybe the very last one is just too, too easy.

    It also makes so you don’t really need to develop any strategy at all, or give even a second thought to skill selection or weapon choice or anything, because you basically can just craft one weapon to have a ridiculously high ATK level, and then that’s pretty much all you need for the remainder of the game. For me, that was the biggest disappointment I experienced with this game. (And why if I ever do play it again, I’ll play as if I were a Free player.)

    Overall, I’d say it’s not as good as the Asdivine games or the Revenant games – but it’s definitely a quality game.

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    Thanks, commander! Im fine with no post game; though I do like fighting super bosses.  Overall, this game sounds good. I will try out the free version. And the explanation of the crystals was perfect! Kind of reminds me of Diablo 2 and attaching gems to weapons.  Thats what your explanation reminded me of.


    Well,this game went good till the end(even though i get bored by it,and i hope kemco create a enemy guide and formation like asdivine heart 1,it’s so creepy that i didn’t know what kind of Monster at my front)but let’s forget about this game at first it a very good game that can change your appearance with any kind of equipment(i am talking about armor and weapon,if all crystal can change your appearance it Will be do more harm than good)but when you reach level 99 all thing Will be boring,i wonder is there someone that bored because this game?

    This one is telling the

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