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    Now I know why Nemo said that Lost Istria was just a test game. Also Exe Create Finally changed its sprite work and the game looks gorgeous.
    Look here for the details.



    But in all seriousness, the game looks darned good. Like surprisingly good for a medieval era RPG. Even i like the damage numbers too.

    Where the heck is our RPG anyways?

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    It does look promising!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Our RPG is taking its sweet time travelling from Japan, but looks like it got caught in a tornado.

    Jokes aside, the game looks much better than the Asdivine Series. As for this month’s game. Please be Ancient Phantasma, I don’t need Cross right now lol.


    That does look really good. I’d go as far as to say it might be arguably the best-looking as far as sprites go.

    I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be one of those rare months without a release. I would have figured one would have come out right after they got back from holiday, but nothing yet. Then again, I am OCD enough to put together a list of their American releases and if one thing is consistent, it’s that Kemco is not remotely consistent when it comes to release dates. I mean, most come out in the first week of a month, but they have plenty that have come out midway through or at the end of months.


    As far as I know, new Kemco games have ton of dialogues and translating them might take much longer than they had anticipated ( Meanwhile Japan gets two games back to back this month lol ). Mid May is my best guess, since Elio rarely had any dialogue in it, the might have been working on the next game from Early April.


    Yeah, especially the ones by Exe-Create. With the other three companies, sometimes the games have a decent amount of dialogue and sometimes they don’t, but it’s a sure thing that an Exe-Create game will contain a small novel worth of talking for their translation people to get through.

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    Now I know why Nemo said that Lost Istria was just a test game. Also Exe Create Finally changed its sprite work and the game looks gorgeous.
    Look here for the details.

    Awesome, hopefully we’ll get the English version of this game in about 18 months or so? 😆 (I wish they would hire a whole team of translators so we could get their newest games like a month or two after the Japan release!)

    I’m still hoping we’ll get a game this month, but I have given up on checking their Facebook page 6 times a day. :whistle: (Anyway, as soon as it does come out, I know it will be announced here as well… Lots of people waiting for another RPG…)

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    from the trailer .. it seems this game follow up the “real time weapon changing” same like glorious savior had.

    if so.. that would be awesome.


    I have played this game, and I have mixed feelings about it. Well.. right now I already even forgot what exactly I didn’t like in it… but unlike the Asdivine series, this one was pretty hard to play. Especially to defeat the bosses. The system is that we get some elemental emblems that each have some skills incuded, so depending on what we will equip, we will get these skills. However You barely can equip many of that emblems… and either You will memorize what emblem gives what skills, then You will have to make a lot of clicks…

    And this game doesn’t have difficulty settings, so You’re stuck with a normal gameplay.

    Also the icon.. in the Glorious Saviors we had a character that looked exactly like Bourbon from Detective Conan (Rufus). Now we got Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April… The only good thing about this title however is, that in a way it is a tribute to the other Kemco games. Items that heal status aliments are named after some games like Alphadia, Dragon Sinker (not released outside of Japan yet), or Glorious Savior.

    Unlike in the Lost Istria, here we are not growing seeds. Instead, we’re growing weapons. We’re adding a weapon to the pot, and after some time it receives attack bonus. Here, we also can evolve our weapons and armour into better versions, but…. somehow I think it is a waste of resources. I think better is to wait for the very best weapon/armour to get, and then evolve it.

    The battle arena is also different this time around. It is not connected to a given place, instead we can access it at any time from the Menu. The courses are also different, and the rewards are meh (resources to evolve our gear). Looking at the help section, this game doesn’t seem to have a lot of bonus content… but at least it has a sound mode.

    It also doesn’t have random encounters. All enemies sit in a place and wait when we will attack them. They even are not moving. Most of them have special bonuses (like increased drop of norma/rare stuff, or double gold/XP).

    Of course this game doesn’t have bestiary mode……….

    But the fun fact is that the protagonists aren’t some random idiots (well.. they are…), but experienced soldiers that attacked the nastiest evil demon, and got sucked into different world. During the first test battle we play a level ~50 protaginists, and when they’re sucked into another world, their levels reset to level 1.

    And it doesn’t look that Maidame Curie or even Jolie is in this game. I still prefer Asdivine series over this.

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