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    Hey guys, since I ended up adding a lot more info than I generally planned to, I’m just going to treat this post as a unofficial trophy guide. Some of the trophies in the game are a bit of a pain to get, and the numbers for the gold trophies are rather unintuitive at times. In particular, it can be a pain getting the “Nova” and “Vortex” trophies before a certain point in the game. Additionally, several of the skills earned from the trophies, such as Radiation (allies’ def and spd up two, enemies’ def and speed down two) and Get a Load of This! (allies’ atk and int up two, enemies’ atk and int down two) can be really, really useful during the postgame, and for other trophies.

    If you need to level up fast and earn money, be sure to take advantage of Katiya’s Leveler which doubles earned experience, as well as Neelam’s Time to Clean Up! (doubles earned CP). They should learn these skills sometime in their 60s (68?). Until then use experience / CP boxes from chests.

    Trophy Chart

    Trophy Type Bronze Silver Gold Character Skill
    Nova Hit combo 10 30 60 Zech High Guardian
    Terrestrial Walking 3000 12000 24000 Zech High Install
    Galaxy Damage dealt 500 4000 10000 Michael Brave Shot
    Aurora CP spent 30000 150000 1000000 Michael Delay Shot
    Vortex Overkills 5 10 15 Neelam Get a Load of This!
    Celestial Skill uses 100 1000 2000 Neelam Time to Repent!
    Cosmic Damage received 3000 6000 9000 Katiya Radiation
    Nebula Enemies killed 100 800 1200 Katiya High Cure


    Nova: Neelam learns Who’s in the Know? at level 72, which adds the last two digits of its damage to your hit count! I wish I’d known that sooner. I recommend trying for Nova Gold after getting this skill. Other great skills for it are Zech’s Rising Edge (if his HP is x9x9, you get a total of 18 hits which is also good for Vortex Gold), Michael’s Rising Revolver (14 hits if his HP is xxx9), Katiya’s Splasher (9 hits at xx9x), Michael’s Limit Break (8-14 hits), Neelam’s How Many to Throw… (6-10 hits), and Neelam’s Get Back, You! (9 hits if SP equals x9x). Michael’s Ender’s Mark divides normal damage into 8 and doubles its strength, and the Divider Core can divide a normal hit (not with Ender’s Mark) into four. Since Katiya already does two hits per normal attack the Divider Core should work best with her.

    Additionally: enemies will miss their turn on the following conditions: preemptive attack (turning around doesn’t break the chain), paralysis at a chance, and chaos at a chance. The High End Sandals raise the preemptive encounter rate by 20%. Several characters can cause status effects with skills, but I believe just having the elemental cores equipped gives you a chance to cause a status effect. Paralysis is caused by blitz, confusion/chaos by flame, and poison/virus by virus.

    How I got Nova Gold at level 60 (before Who’s in the Know?): Preemptive attack is your friend. Manipulated turn order using equipped items to take out the front row with vanguard multi hit attacks, and then I had a whole second turn to continue beating the back row. Ended up with 63 hits total. Phew!

    Vortex: This one is deceptively easy to get. Go into a very low level area. Make sure Zech knows Rising Edge and that his HP is x9x9. Attack an enemy with Rising Edge. The enemy should die in one hit, and you will get 17 overkills.

    Galaxy: Michael’s Sniper Shot can easily surpass the 10000 damage limit. He learns this skill sometime in the 60s.

    Cosmic: Goldstein can do 25600 damage with Melt, so he’s your best bet for getting this trophy quickly.

    Aurora: As stated above, take advantage of Neelam’s Time to Clean Up! and CP boxes found in dungeons.

    Terrestrial, Celestial and Nebula are all straightforward. You may have to grind for the highest tiers though. The Battle Arena is a good place to grind for the Nebula trophies, plus on the highest difficulties of each arena tier you can learn new skills for your characters. Warning, the higher level advanced arena boss is extremely tough, even at level 99 with ultimate gear. I still can’t beat her.

    I hope this guide will be of use to somebody. This turned into quite an adventure for me. Happy trophy hunting!


    I Never hear that is for PS4 too. And can’t find it in the psn stire.


    Fanatic Earth isn’t on the Playstation Store as of this writing.

    A lot of Kemco games by Exe-Create have their own self-contained “trophy” or “award” system, accessible through the main menu. When these games are ported to consoles and PC, Exe-Create often makes awards from the internal award system into the criteria to earn Playstation Trophies, Xbox Achievements, or Steam Achievements.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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