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    Ok, I just got to the point where the Shop unlocks, so I don’t know which of the items in here can be found elsewhere in the game, but I’m pretty sure there’s ONE that can only be obtained through the IAP:

    Laboratory Key (description: The key to Logus Laboratory. Clearing it nets the party a Maidame Head Ring.) It costs 300 gems, so I’d say you should either buy it right away, or make sure you save enough to buy it after you’ve beat the game.

    I also bought the Portable Curio for 200 gems (which, I guess makes TWO items you can only get from the shop), leaving me with roughly 500 gems to spend on other things (plus whatever I get from daily Tweeting).

    So, as people complete the game, are there any recommendations on where to spend the rest?

    All your base are

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    MSG Commander


    I’ve done everything but the Secret Arena and the Lv. 900 area.

    I don’t think the Portable Curio is worth buying (I never really use it), but I do recommend the Laboratory Key.

    Also, if you want to grind in the metal or gold regions, you’ll probably want the Attract Ring which costs 200 gems. (I believe all other bonus regions have Curios, so you don’t really NEED the Attract Ring for those locations.)

    Beyond that, AFAIK you only receive 2 Storage Keys throughout the game (one from Jolie and one as a Trophy reward), so you’ll need to buy additional keys for the other storehouses, at 50 gems each. (I didn’t pay attention so I don’t know how many storehouses there are?)

    The other thing I did as I could afford to, was to unlock each party member’s 3rd accessory slot (for 100 gems each). This one seems like a “nice to have” but not absolutely needed…

    All your base are


    So far I spent my gems like that:

    – Laboratory Key
    – Portable Curio (also I don’t use it maybe except turning random encounters to none)
    – 1 Skill level Orb
    – 1 skill slot for Kodan (so far with Trade-Off Ring Beta, Enhance Ring and Multiple Ring he kills everything)
    – 1 room in secret garden for a Stand buddy.

    Not saying I spent them right, but so far I didn’t regret that.

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    I spent my gems like that:

    • Laboratory Key (Then I could buy seeds with guild coins!)
    • Everyone extra ring slot (Not really needed, but with the guild coins, you can try to grind gems)
    • 1 Ultimate Seed… (I was bored. They are also rewards from the Maid Cup.)

    I stayed with 2 plots to plant my precious seeds… After all, I took about two months to finish the game. (Busy is great! I got an overpowered Alex and plenty of Gems! ^_^)


    PS. I did not needed the Portable Curio. After getting that awesome combo from the forums at maximum (lv. 50), I did Gazillion Challenge, got a critical for 1.2M damage, and gained that strange armor which turns everyone in Jolie Curie.

    That armor set encounter rates to None (except boss fight, duh). This means that I could collect all treasure within Misery Maze (except the ones protected by… you know whom. Her. Always.)

    Therefore if I needed to change the Curio levels, I merely equipped that armor, went to it (by foot), and readjusted. (Or just explored with that armor on. Big difference…) Result: 200 Gems saved! ^_^

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    Shadow X

    I know i am a bit late, but what about Freya, Litany, Jade and Olivia Rings from IAP Random chance shop ? Or there is a free way to get at least 1 of those ? (Play Store Version)

    I did a save before the Unlocking Shop and doing 1 Free IAP (Rare only) part until i get something good, once i got Sushi Ring, Then i did the 1000 Gems version and got SP Ring, Litany Ring, Olivia Ring, Shield* Ring And some others. So i am with Both Olivia and Litany at the start, by now is farming gems to buy Ring Slots, Garden Spots and Laboratory Key.

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