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    Okay, I have a really awesome Unison: Chaos Saute. It’s the combination of Blast (Fire spell) and Chaos Mash (Earth). It attacks All, and it does an insane amount of damage (and occasionally, causes confusion. If it doesn’t kill everybody in one turn first.)

    And I’ve used it a bunch since I got it, and now it’s at Level 4. I know Alex’s Blast is at Level 8, because it shows the level when I select it. But Toril’s Chaos Mash doesn’t level up… so, how does the game determine a Unison’s Level? Anyone know?

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    I think it’s similar to AH2.
    Caster A spell’s level+Caster B spell’s level then divide by 2.I might be wrong tho.

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    Personally I prefer to use the Bamboo-something attack. It hits 8 times, and targets the entire row. And my first four members have those skills. (I tend to prefer speed-based builds)
    So when I find 4 foes, I strike a total of 64 hits. Because my team is not exactly low-level, most of those are Overkill (meaning, more EXP and Gold!)

    But Chaos Salute is strong, indeed. The boss I tested it against barely got a round after using this skill once.
    Chaos Mash however, as most if not all skills which doesn’t causes damage (Would cure be a negative damage?), does not level up.
    And as @weisteisen pointed out, a unison is two skills casted together, so I guess both skill levels are taken in account…

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    Chaos Saute targets All – and it even does full damage to metal monsters (when it goes Critical, that is).

    Anyway, back to weisteisen’s point: I use Chaos Saute with Alex and Toril. If I use Alex’ Blast (at level 91) and Toril’s Chaos Mash (no level), then Chaos Saute is level 45. But, if on my next turn, I use Alex’ Chaos Mash (no level) followed by Toril’s Blast (currently at level 2), then my Chaos Saute is level 1…

    (Yes, I just now realized that if you use a 2-spell unison and both characters have both spells, you can use Spell A + Spell B on your first turn, then Spell B + Spell A on your second turn, for a two-in-a-row unison attack!)

    So, it must be “A + B / 2.” Which is pretty cool, because at first I didn’t think you could level up the unisons at all! πŸ™‚

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    Ydargsil would be my favorite unison as it targets all, very strong especially if you can add critical along with it, plus the attack also restores all parties HP.

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    MSG Commander

    Ydargsil would be my favorite unison as it targets all, very strong especially if you can add critical along with it, plus the attack also restores all parties HP.

    Hmm… I must not have had Yggdrasil yet when I wrote this post – either that it wasn’t as high level as Chaos Saute… I just remember that for whatever reason, I thought Chaos Saute was one of the ‘awesome-est’ unisons I’d ever seen…Β  πŸ˜›

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    I’m stuck with lvl 50 skill levels for now, but one of my favourite unisons is Tidal Wave (Flash flood + Flash flood) and I’ve got it up to lvl 83 (since both flash flood levels are 83)

    It targets everything and does more damage than Chaos Saute

    English rule No. 72: If you're gonna give a point, you're gonna need some evidence and an explanation to back it up.

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    Unisons are nasty in this game. Even lower leveled unisons can do tons of damage and have great effects for your party.

    The way I set my team up is built around Unisons first and foremost:

    Lita and Toril are paired together since they have the highest base INT, further augmented with liberal use of fruits. Toril’s highest base element is Wood, which actually makes her the best back up for me. Wood is compatible with both Water and Fire, making almost every Wood skill a possible Unison. Add to this that many Wood Unisons also inflict statuses, and you have a whole bunch of easy options to totally smash bosses in to the dirt. Hard hitters like Tidal Wave and Chaos Saute can easily trivialize the Arena and make a mess of boss encounters. Qliphoth Maiden is great for racking up Overkills, thus earning you way more points, even stuff like Bio Bubble is useful. Building Lita and Toril for unisons made them invaluable to the party, normal encounters are not even an issue now because of these two.

    Despite being paired with a Buddy, Alex is also Unison based due to the wonderful B. Power Ring. This allows Buddies to access skills your character just used. Building his Mana levels up with this in mind means Alex has access to every support Unison, since support Unisons combine in to themselves. This also gives him easy access to Tidal Wave with any buddy, which I am certain will serve as a great backup just in case I ever can’t use that move with Toril and Lita. Being that his Brave Strike is support based, as is two of his physical skills, this role works very well for him. I put a lot more work in to beefing up his physical skills though, since he has two moves that delay opponents, which is a VITAL property if you play the harder difficulties, where Bosses and mini-boss enemies can attack twice. I got torn to shreds by a Golem in the Arena because it could not only attack twice, but had multiple skills that delayed my turn. I got crushed before I could even get a punch in, which was annoying. But it was also very educational, since I knew what to do when I ran in to a boss next time.

    Only Kodan is built to be a mostly physical character. He has multiple delay moves like Alex, but said moves hit more opponents at a time, and his single opponent physical skills lay down great numbers. I try to level up a few mana skills of his, since unleveled elemental skills are next to useless, but his greatest contribution is the raw muscle he brings to the table. I put an Enhance ring on him, which has the nasty side effect of barring his buddy from using items since they automatically support. But in exchange, Kodan’s damage is doubled, meaning he too can make short work of Bosses and other major enemies just as good as Toril and Lita can.

    Buddies seem to be viewed as superfluous, which is understandable since the player gets so many amazing options to deal with enemies, but they really can be a great use depending on their moveset. Delay moves are naturally very useful, as are certain elemental attacks, which can be Unison fodder. The B.Power Ring makes buddies 100% more useful, and they are also great for collecting Maid coins. I prioritized removing the limiters on the secret house, and sending buddies out to gain money had done nothing but good for my play through.

    I’m currently running the game on “Expert”. I think that, like other EXE-Create games, the different difficulties also give you more experience overall, and this is felt if you try to downgrade from a higher difficulty to a lower one. As well, the game was getting a bit too easy, and I felt that with the set up I had above, I could fight through the game on the max level. Wish me luck~


    For now I am leveling up skills. Just got to the City and thanks to all IAP things I already have several spells at high level (Alex has Level 99 Fire). I didn’t know that if I cast Unison both spells included get a point (or instant level up).

    Welcome πŸ˜‡



    Using Unisons level up skills. You’ll notice that you’ll still see the Skill Lv. Up text when you use them.

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