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    on Easy:


    Older, but not wiser

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    MSG Commander

    ^ I hope that’s a really, really good score, and not 2 points shy of winning a prize. :snicker:

    Good job, 1oldtymer!

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    Nah, there’s no second prize 2 points away.


    Nah, there’s no second prize 2 points away.

    equip n pet list please
    screenshot please


    equip n pet list please
    screenshot please

    It’s mostly thanks to premium and lottery stuff.
    Buddy build is right here:
    The left 4 buddies are important because they give physical damage boosts. Other 2 stands can be filled with any buddies, and team buddies don’t matter at all.

    Team composition:
    Third team is the one dealing damage, others don’t matter much.

    Third team equips:
    Kodan team doesn’t need a thing, Lita team only needs an Earth, Reveal, or one of the Elemental a/b rings so it could cast Drain Creeper.

    The strategy is that 1) Kodan casts Infuse, 2) Lita casts Drain Creeper, 3) Alex uses Red Crescent from sub position and Toril uses Endless Destruct! from main position.

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    Wonderful, Searinox! The laugh is on me: I misunderstood Master Ferrero’s instructions: “…you get 1 shot….” I thought that meant only 1 team gets to act, not only 1 team gets to attack. So I was using a single team, and even though my setup was similar to yours (6 buddies on the stands, but without the IAP buddies), Alex and Toril teamed, Disco ring etc. But without the other teams, I got more using just the supernovas.

    I read your helpful note about how to equip 2 disco rings on a character, but no matter how I try that, I can get only one, no matter the order of equipping or the order in the formation.

    How do you get +999 on your weapons? I have the same weapons, but my grinding and updating a couple of points at a time has left me around +180.

    As I’m now configured (only 1 disco ring), I hit 4.8 billion, all thanks to your pointing out my stupid misunderstanding.

    Older, but not wiser


    Well, for me the only requirement to equip more than 1 Disco Rings is for the character in question to be in one of these slots:
    That said, the whole thing seems to be a glitch anyway, so I can’t really guarantee that it will work…

    +999 weapons are simply from wasting way too much time, I guess?

    Oh, and I improved to 20 billion:
    Apparently physical skills and cool +999 weapons weren’t the way to go. Oh well.

    The way to go now is the MaelstromxMaelstrom unison.
    Buddies for stands are Freya and Jade (both are rarest premium buddies), otherwise again doesn’t matter.

    Attack team is now LitaxToril for their Tag boost (+20% magic damage)
    Attack Team Build: (both character have same rings)
    Weapons are only important for critical rate.
    If you don’t have Jade, switch one of the Disco Rings for Water Ring a; that still can get like 7 billion.

    It can’t be as easily set up because Infuse doesn’t raise INT and it must be replaced by either 2 Heat Souls or Alex’s brave strike, but idea’s the same, more or less.

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    Ah, that’s much better: not just score, but you found a creative way that doesn’t require any massive weapon buildup, just critical. I don’t have Jade, and I can’t get 2 disco rings on both characters (I’ll keep trying), but I got a little over 8 billion using your setup. BTW: there is Dryad Ring and Salamander Ring, but I don’t see a ring that gives +30 for water skill damage. Is there such a ring (not for the gazillion, but just wondering)?

    Older, but not wiser


    There is, and it’s called Undine Ring.

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    The prize i can get for this challenge is Maidame Wig right? Despite how much damage i can dealt. This is the item i get & only do 4 million damage. If yes, i will not put to much effort to deal more damage.

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