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    Well to ask an opinion… For you guys who have seen all the True Endings… Which one is the best? I just got the True Ending Beginning of a New Story and deleted the game afterwards so… What happens in the other endings…

    There is a YouTube video shows all three True Endings. It’s not hard to find with a quick internet search.

    I’ll summarize the three endings below. The Beginning of a New Story summary also has major spoilers for Journey to Kreisia.


    I personally like Beginning of a New Story best for the Journey to Kreisia connection. Alex, Lita, and Toril return to their original lives and avoid their untimely deaths. It’s not clear what fate Pangie and Altore choose for themselves; perhaps they go on to whatever is beyond Fernz Gate, like they did in the Normal Ending.

    Alex and Lita meet each other. Toril reunites with her brother Clize, and Clize has brought three powerful friends from Kreisia to help his people repel the invasion/win the war. Clize and his friends were all antagonists in Journey to Kreisia, but in either of the True Endings with all sidequests completed, Yusis and Aldea save Clize and his friends from the miasma.

    This implies that one of Journey to Kreisia’s two True Endings (with all sidequests completed) is cannon. I’m glad for this because Journey to Kreisia’s Bad Ending and Destruction Ending are horrific, and its Normal Ending is not as happy as either of its True Endings.

    Kodan and Vibachi know that their lives would be very short if they returned to the world of Dead Dragons – Kodan’s dragon-fighting power was close to ending his life, and Vibachi’s race doesn’t live very long – so they choose to go on to whatever awaits beyond Fernz Gate.

    In the Guardians of Fernz Gate ending, all of the heroes along with Pangie and Altore choose to stay in Fernz Gate and protect it. They continue exploring Fernz Gate, with the help of the dragon Lita befriended.

    In A New Journey, all of the heroes including Pangie and Altore decide to go on to whatever awaits beyond Ferz Gate.

    None of the three endings are unhappy, although knowing how Beginning of a New Story plays out makes the other two endings a little bittersweet – in the other two endings, Toril will never see her brother Clize again. Reason dictates that Clize and his friends do still return to Toril’s world to fight for her people, since the return of Clize and his friends is caused by events that happened on Kreisia, and not by anything that happens in Fernz Gate.

    Now that I know Kodan is (probably) from the world of Dead Dragons, I hope that game gets a console release one day.


    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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