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    Hi guys

    So im here lv 999 but only with around 2ks on my stats.

    With it i still struggle to beat maidame cruei on misery maze.  Anyone have idea on wher can i fast farm ultimate/ability seeds?










    Yes, the Maid Course (at the arena) should do that for you.

    If I remember correctly the prizes are excellent and ultimate seeds, and you can also buy the Ability Seed with the Maid Coins you’ll receive from doing that.


    They are most effective when planted but that takes around 12 hours to grow. If you decide to plant, remember they tend to yield only one fruit with some odds of a better harvest (which is a great profit but may require planting multiple and some save/load, and luck.)

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    I was doing that this whole time. Thought theres someway to get to max stats faster xD. Anyway thanks. And i also keep gettin 1 ultimate fruit each hrvest x.x. such bad luck


    I usually plant two Ultimate Seeds at once, and have an average crop of 4.

    When I only get two seeds, I reload and try to harvest them again. (But usually I receive the average crop of 4)

    Jung Eunha

    I’m still struggling beating maidame curie in hard with this, did anyone have her attack pattern ?


    I found physical skills worked better than magic for this battle.  Just stock up on brave cookies (so you can use your special skill every turn) and you should have no problem, except that  all but your  Alex seem a little underpowered to me.

    Older, but not wiser

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