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    So I just reached the normal end of Fernz Gate the previous night. This makes it the second Kemco RPG I cleared, the first being Astral Frontier. It took me around 40 hours over the past week, since I frankly grinded a bit too much early on. I expected to get way more push back from Expert, but because I was taking advantage of so many of the game’s options, Clangorrah could only put up a mild opposition before being utterly wrecked by the Miracle Girls.

    I did not see this mentioned in other posts, but Seeds and fruits do wonders for your party. You can easily power up your party way above what their level dictates, and thus make challenges that would have one-shotted you before a breeze. Not to say I had no trouble at all during the game: some arena matches were wake-up calls to how I was neglecting the speed stat, bosses attacking twice made my day unpleasant, and Jolie Curie actually gave me some pause and nearly did my party in when I tried the IAP dungeon. But on the whole I think I was a bit too safe and did too much min-maxing.

    For example, I spent a lot of time just grinding up skills. Since each skill levels up, and weak skills do pitiful damage, I went to a low level place and just used attacks so that I could skill-up without leveling up (Thereby disqualifying myself from some arena awards). This, along with my avid farming, made it so thag by the time I reached the final dungeon, I was doing six figures on enemies, and doing half the health bar on bosses. This is not too bad of a thing, since on Expert anl boss even getting one turn can mean your whole party gets wiped. To this end, I began investing in SPD seeds so that bosses could not zip past me and get a bunch of hits in.

    Ultimate Seeds are busted, no if ands or buts. Yes, they take a while to grow, but 100 points to two stats is just a rediculous bonus, even if it’s random. Even better is that the Maid Co-Op give out a pair of them as a reward in the Maid Cup arena, so you can easily grab a few more if you’re out at very little cost. Gold was not an issue, as the economy is wrecked and the items I actually used costed either Maid coins, or Gems. I have not counted the amount of gold I have, but I think it’s around 3mil now.

    While I go at legnth about the games balance, that’s only because I had so much fun using and exploiting them. This was definitely a fun ride, and I am happy I gave this a chance. I’ll be going for the True ending soon, and will be back to share my thoughts.

    Normal End sheets:


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    I really need to play it xd:)

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    I just fed Lita all of my INT and ability fruits. She one shotted everything with tidal wave.

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    I know right? I spread stuff like Ability and Ultimate seeds out among the party, figuring there would be times when I would need another member to back Lita up (Kodan is some great muscle), but she and partner-Toril were the MVPs. While I leveled Lita’s elemental levels up to max, I really do believe I could have finished the game with only 50 levels in each element. I just would have missed out on disgustingly broken stuff like Well of Urd. Then there’s Angel tears having a unison form, which I never got to see since I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve lost a party member, not including surprise wipes where a boss uses a single move that does my entire life pool.

    Speaking of finishing the game, I got one of the true endings yesterday, opting to bring the Fernz crew back to life. A sudden wipe and a few close calls convinced me to grind a little during the final dungeon, which was quite easy since Expert mode dumps experience points on you like mad, and there are plenty of strong enemies to use for that. I leveled up some of Toril’s Elements too, and kept Kodan and Alex around 50-60. Having a revive skill on the entire crew seemed like a good idea just in case the Miracle Girls got blindsided. Otherwise, I had Kodan in charge of laying down numbers and delays on enemies, and Alex supporting both Kodan and Lita with physical and mana skills respectively.

    I mentioned before that skills that delay enemy turns would be vital to your playthrough, and the final fight was a validation of that to me. Once I got the hanger-ons out of the way, I focused on wracking up delays and paralysis on Clangorrah, and the poor guy barely got a turn for the rest of the fight. When he did finally get a turn, he was paralyzed, it was great. I just kept delaying, paralysing, and pelting him with numbers until he fell. Unfortunately it was a total stomp, but I guess it’s just a fruit of me preparing so much.

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    I’ll switch to Expert just after I get to Shop because of same reason as you have 🙂 I will simply discover my own way to beat the game. 🙂

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    Was thinking about starting another game after the True ending, but I’m still feeling a craving for EXE’s combat system, so I opted to keep going and face Maidame Curie.

    Though as to how I start with that, I’m still looking around for. The first few extra dungeons I’ve seen are around Lv.200 or the absurd lv.900. I’m assuming there’s a way to speed up experience gain with overkills if they numbers get that ridiculous. Since EXE games allow the player to change difficulty at whim, and that a hard-mode character tends to be much stronger than a normal mode one, I could always down the difficulty to give myself an edge, but I think I’m going to pass on that. I may do it as an experiment but that’s all.

    For now, I’ll focus on getting some side quests out of the way, and revealing more extra dungeons. Maybe I’ll find a nice, cozy, lvl.150 one. 😆


    Ok, I see. I thought I’m OP but the Bronze Arena wasn’t easy at all(because I was focused on making Flaming Torch at max level) . But at least thanks to all IAP I have I practically level up skills at each use 🙂

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    Yeah, the IAP stuff made me extremely strong extremely fast.

    Now I basically have a Death Party. 

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    However hard I try I see that all characters are extremely great at magic and Unisons. I practically only use weapon skills because of Trophy rewards.

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    And I just found a new Arena. Probably too hard unless I use all Ultimate Fruits but I will save them.

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