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    And what Rings do you have?

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    Oh hi. actually i manage to beat silver cup hard mode with extra reward. All i need to do is make sure have a party (consist of 2 char not buddy) have an acc anti silence equipped (50% resistance). This way i successfully escape the silence in many turn. If i get silenced, i make the buddies cure it.

    I also make 3 stand (already open a new slot that time) of buddies. one is sushi (20% hp recover each turn), the others 2 if im not mistaken is +10% ally speed & -10% enemy speed. And that time i make my kodan equipped berserk ring & STR ring. Let him go crazy do all the normal attack.

    Now i already beat all cup with extra reward except bronze cup. Me too already have exceed level when i get into this town. To much grinding before without knowing this system exists.

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    Yeah I passed the minimum level too for Bronze cup xd But rewards weren’t even 0.00001% worth trying (only person who wants to have 100% everything would want that.


    Just a warning : If you are trying to get all treasures in the world (including these which require keys) then never go exploring new area without :

    1. Make back up save before entering some areas. Like Pheryl town. I somehow got a glitched chest (I mean I got all chests in the area but game didn’t record one)
    2. 2. Use treasure searcher to see how much treasures are in specific area. That’s very cheap item.

    Welcome 😇

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