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    In my opinion it’s way easier to farm ultimate Seeds and using them instantly instead of waiting 12 hours until they harvest and even then chance to get good amount of ultimate fruits is low. (I mean at post-game.)

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    Ultimate Fruits are useful when you know you won’t be playing any game on the next week, but still have bed or lunch time to pay quick visits on your games.


    Also, if you only have that single seed, try planting before going to bed.


    Usually you get 1 fruit by 1 seed, but if you’re lucky you’ll get 2 fruits for a single seed. Also, effects are doubled.

    Not worth to wait twelve hours for it, specially if you have plenty of seeds, but if you’re in a busy week, this helps. I can spend months only opening a game, Twitting, managing plants, saveing, and not seeing it again on the day.


    My experience

    I had to wait three months before being able to resume (and finally complete \o/) Wizards Of Brandel.

    3 months before I was a weak level 28, with 200? gems, an insignificant amount of gold and maid coins.

    On the day I resumed, I could auto all fights (including boss fights), 1500+ gems, 25k of maid coins, and in no time I got 2,000,000 of gold (where Curie was killing players with threats to pay just 100,000!)

    And yes, the top player had 600 of speed where the second had around 150.


    But hey, downloading the game, testing it, and taking months to continue it is my play style.

    It’s a viable strategy.


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    🙂 Yeah. It depends also on the ways to get it. If person can farm them it’s easier to use it immediately. Found it out after buying tons of the speed boosting items.


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