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    Just thought I would share how to farm gold as fast as possible in the gold region.

    Equip one character with an attract ring. Equip characters with gold rings if you have them. Buy as many metal rings as you can afford and equip all of them. When monsters are metal monsters in the gold region, the gold goes up into the millions.

    If your level is high (~200-300) have Battle Shortcut enabled (can be done in Options). This will ensure fastest battle speeds

    The max gold you can get is 9,999,999 (+1,999,999 per gold ring) in a battle and you will get this quite often if all the monsters are metal. Without these equips, you will only get 50k-500k average gold drops. Note that max gold is 100m, so you will only need like 10-20 battles before you’ve hit the cap.

    If you do not have metal rings, you can buy them with maid points for 1800 each. The best way to get them is to farm the gold region until you have a multiple of 20m gold. then go to the Sanctuary where the high level maid arena is and buy the points from the lady outside the arena (i get 2220 for 20m gold). You can switch between farming gold and buying the rings, because the more gold you get, the more rings you get, which yields yet more gold.

    This essentially is the best way to get gold and maid points, unless there is something I am missing.


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    You’re right. Gold is actually very useful in long terms (for weapons leveling).

    Welcome 😇

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