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    Basically, you’ll want to increase Leadership as much as you can instead of Money from Chests. Why? It’s because you can get Money Every 5 minutes or at every won fight /castle. This is more important in Endless mode where if you always get Leadership Points and get good army + hero traits, at Land 5+ you will get a lot of money from Castle siege (At Land 14 I had around 10 million Gold just from killing everything.

    Hero traits useful :
    -Attack /Defense. Prioritize these above anything else. Each Attack and defense boosts unit stats by 10%.
    – The trait that increases chance to capture /instant win the fight. This one is really useful because you might get free units. In Endless Mode you might start getting 20k units or more at 16+ Land (depends on maximum current limit and the monster)
    – The Tactic Trait. Especially useful to quickly make your army go to fight or to trap most dangerous enemies in death cycle (requires Teleportation magic)

    Useless traits:
    – Magic Power upgrade : Never get it. The spells you’ll be using most don’t get any bonus from it and you will get an artifact with +5 to this if you explore.
    – Max Mana increase : Again. Don’t upgrade. One Artifact gives +20 Max Mana which is almost always enough.

    Best magic :

    Berserk : Double Damage. Self explanatory.
    Teleportation : Best to use when enemy has Ranged units. Move enemy in Killer Trap (between best damage dealers at the start of the fight. Also late game you might want to trap most numbered enemy.

    Any spell works good at early game. But in Endless mode damage type magic becomes useless quickly.

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