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    I finally got the true end on this game! The battles against Ra’die were nasty, but the ending dialogue makes it worth playing both endings. 😀

    Anyway, I came up with a way to farm Orichalcum in the arena so I wanted to share it here:

    First, you need to defeat the God Eating Boar in under 20 turns on a regular basis. The first time you do this, you get everyone’s ultimate weapons (the ones that can be strengthened with orichalcum). However, you shouldn’t strengthen Amane’s weapon, because you can get the Dragvandil after completing the arena, and you’ll want that sword for the EX dungeon.

    Anyhoo… Once you can beat the boar in 20 turns or less, the prize is one Orichalcum. But, he also drops 1 orichalcum when he dies – along with 1 Old Magestone. You can also steal 1 Old Magestone in battle. Additionally, you get 10k gold for each arena win, which is enough to buy 1 orichalcum from the shop.

    So, each victory will net you 2 orichalcum, plus the gold to buy a 3rd one, plus 1 or 2 Old Magestones, which sell for 1500 apiece.

    So the smart way to farm is to fight the boar 3 or 4 times in a row, then sell your Old Magestones, and buy a bunch of orichalcum, then mass upgrade as many weapons as you can. (Then repeat.)

    Note: each weapon and armor can be strengthened up to +19. I maxed everything out and still had a tough time against the boss in the EX dungeon.

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    Do you mind showing the stats and levels? I’m curious.

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    MSG Commander

    Correction, an Orichalcum can cost only 9000, and one Old Magestone can be sold by 1650, if you remember to equip Silver Tongued and Thrifty awards before interacting with shop.

    Where get the awards
    Thrifty (buy cost -10%) is a subquest on Lanak, by the guild master. Silver Tongued (sell cost +10%) is a subquest on Gonor, I forgot the NPC name.

    Saving money is always good :>
    “Buy 10, get 11! Orichalcum sale!”

    If you remember to do that you can even get a neat profit when selling the old equip you won’t use anymore! 😀

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    MSG Commander

    Thanks Jesusalva! I’d forgotten about those awards.

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