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    Has Anyone Ever Attempted to buy this Blade At the Fair??? Is it a one time thing to obtain this or Can it be gotten later on in  game let alone is it worth even trying to get or does money carry over into ng+?

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    In the other topic there is an other way to get it later.

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    MSG Commander text:

    First, you need to defeat the God Eating Boar in under 20 turns on a regular basis. The first time you do this, you get everyone’s ultimate weapons (the ones that can be strengthened with orichalcum). However, you shouldn’t strengthen Amane’s weapon,

    The thing you want to know :

    because you can get the Dragvandil after completing the arena, and you’ll want that sword for the EX dungeon.”


    So that sword early is not meant to be bought at all. It’s one of the ultimate weapons.

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