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    • Missing a small number of skills and tandems but finally beat the bonus contents after quite a few years of just beating the main Game and not post Game contents got all weapons & Armor to +19 so yup now going back to Chrome Wolf  and Covenant 😁😀

    PROUD CAT DADDY TO BLUEBELLE THE ESA WONDER CAT 🤘😺🤘and the playful esa princess Moa-chan the kitty
    #Moa-Metal is love😍

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    Sabin, my friend, You should uninstall Covenant. It is a game that… Deserves to be forgotten.

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    Just finished this game also, completed everything up to the post game section twice. It’s probably one of the most comfortable kemco games I’ve done. I even set up Amane using two swords, the Dragvadil with his ultimate weapon (which was one against Wild Boar at the arena) maxed them both with Orichalcum plus adding swift ring and boom I can just use Cosmos  two-three times in a row and that would be enough to finish off EX dungeon boss( it will take several turn though, but still I was basically only using Amare to attack him with Cosmos). I also completed it the post game without even maxing other heroes’ ultimate weapons and armors lol :p.

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