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    I tried this game on trial and finish it 1 years ago, but didn’t bought the full game, so what is different between them?

    More storyline?


    Uhm… The trial version of Fortuna Magus is very small. Well, not that the game is exactly long, either way…

    In fact, if you played the trial version and then decided to buy the full game – you can start again from scratch and you’ll barely notice the wasted time.


    Usually I think that switching from a trial to a premium version is not worth it, because I would need to redo all I did on Trial (even if it show a button to purchase full game, the price differs for me. Thanks, Brazilian Real!).

    I don’t like to redo stuff I already did once, but Fortuna Magus trial was so, so short, that I barely noticed that I redid everything.


    Anyway, the bottom line is:

    It’s worth buying the full game for $ 0.99. Unless you hated the trial or Silver Nornir, of course…

    If it’s not $ 0.99, you must keep in mind that Fortuna Magus is a really short game, and you’ll probably be better buying off Silver Nornir because game length (Silver Nornir have similar mechanics and interface, but not the same).

    I bought it, and liked it.

    What to expect

    There’ll be more storyline, more people to meet, more mazes, at least a minor plot twist, and if I remember correctly, there might be a special move you didn’t got the chance to use during trial – possibly because trial is too short to charge and use special moves :p .

    Ah, and in fact, the skill learning system, if I remember correctly, happens at random during battles. So yeah, the skills.

    That above is not really a spoiler, because I don’t remember enough of the game to be giving off spoilers 😀

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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    Thanks that’s explain everything I need. I will try to Grab it later. Seem different country diff prize in mine cost $ 2.

    Already finished silver nornir 2 years ago it’s challenging even lvl up didn’t restored hp and mp.

    The best I played is still justice chronicle.

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