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    but I’ll give it a few more hours, and who knows? Maybe it’ll pick up.


    Grind – The state of mind where you’ve stopped having fun playing the game while doing a repetitive task, but keep playing anyway under the promise to have fun later in the game. (The Game Designer, 2016)


    Grind can be added on purpose on games by less ethical developers to lure players in doing IAP (In-App Purchases), or can be just negligence and a bad game design. (The Game Designer, 2016)


    When you notice you are grinding, you should consider why you’re playing the game, and if you should keep playing it, or if you’re grinding and keeping playing out of a false sense of duty. (The Game Designer, 2016)


    It’s sad but it’s true ^^

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    So i’ve beat the game. First off, the game is not worth the asking price of  $9 CAD +tax and I say this because I discovered that this game was released before as “Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragon’s Odyssey”

    The video suggests that Frane is 7 years or older and was re-released on consoles and android. With those facts in mid, it feels like Exe-Create did not do anything to improve the features of the game nor did they change the graphics much aside from the character portraits. This results in the game being a letdown of a PC Port/Remaster as the video itself shows how much better magic targeting by Riel is handled better by allowing the payer to use their mouse to target enemies with Riel.

    It feels like Exe-Create was content with just passing this game as a port with no notable improvements such as the lack of an inn and a dedicated blacksmith shop. I went through the whole game not knowing where to find the blacksmith to upgrade my weapons. I also found that the inability to switch weapons mid-battle is also a frustration that should have been resolved as you’ll find yourself switching between fire and ice weapons more often than not. The quick use item is also problematic as you simply cannot select a type of item to hold in one slot and use it on the spot. In order to make use of the quick-item tool bar, you have to manually select which item goes in which slot that you can only use once during boss fights.

    Boss fights are also a chore as Riel lacks the ability to lock onto bosses for her magic which turns Riel into the designated healing drone thanks to bosses moving quickly and Kunah being the only one you can control. The weapon variety seems to have declined as there is very little difference between the Yo-Yo and the Sword as weapons compared to the OG PC version. In the OG version, the Yo Yo had impressive range compared to the sword while in this current version, the Yo Yo has drastically reduced range for some reason.

    Overall, this game feels like Exe-Create disregarded the successful ARPG mechanics of Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed among others and released a port that would have benefited from many improvements to the gameplay. This game is not worth the asking price. You should get the game on a deeply discounted sale price below $3 CAD.

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    So i’ve beat the game.


    So, could you write the review in the Game Page?

    It’ll be easier to newcomers to read 🙂


    Thanks for the review as always ^_^


    Just picked this up yesterday, and realized it’s using Bump combat.

    I’m liking how quick it picks up and goes, but I can already see that the girl’s capabilities are going to be a problem, since I haven’t been able to damage enemies with her shots. I’ll speak more once I get more time in to the game.


    My only complaint about this game is that you have no clue what your doing thanks to the idiots not adding a story quest tab to the game. By far the worst exe create game I have played.

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