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    Crafting Recipes
    Craft Recipe Item 1 Item 2
    1 Sacred Robe (Armor, DEF 130) Inferno Pearl Dragon Scale
    2 Empyrean L1 (Yo-yo, ATK: 240  ELM: Ice  RNG: Long) Wonder Drug Dragon Scale
    3 Milky Way L1 (Blade, ATK: 200  ELM: Ice  RNG: Mid) Lodestone Dragon Scale
    4 Hoarfrost L1 (Manifer, ATK: 280  ELM: Ice  RNG: Short) Diamond Dragon Scale
    5 Angel Statuette (Gift item) Fragrance Stick Dragon Scale
    6 Kabuki Specs (Gift item) Paint Dragon Scale
    7 Sexy Wear (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Dragon Scale
    8 Heavenly Bucket (Gift item) Livingware Dragon Scale
    9 Rainbow Pendant (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Dragon Scale
    10 Corona L1 (Yo-yo, ATK: 80  ELM: Fire  RNG: Long) Wonder Drug Inferno Pearl
    11 Firefly L1 (Blade, ATK: 70  ELM: Fire  RNG: Mid) Lodestone Inferno Pearl
    12 Wildfire L1 (Manifer, ATK: 96  ELM: Fire  RNG: Short) Diamond Inferno Pearl
    13 Passion Bouquet (Gift item) Fragrance Stick Inferno Pearl
    14 Battle Diary (Gift item) Paint Inferno Pearl
    15 Pret-a-Porter (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Inferno Pearl
    16 Pathos Vase (Gift item) Livingware Inferno Pearl
    17 Star Shower (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Inferno Pearl
    18 Elixir (Accessory, Revives the dead or can restore HP) Lodestone Wonder Drug
    19 Prowess Band (Accessory, ATK +20%, DEF -20%) Diamond Wonder Drug
    20 Natural Soap (Gift item) Fragrance Stick Wonder Drug
    21 Kunah’s Portrait (Gift item) Paint Wonder Drug
    22 Wrinkled Dress (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Wonder Drug
    23 Flabellum (Gift item) Livingware Wonder Drug
    24 Voodoo Doll (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Wonder Drug
    25 Impregnable Band (Accessory, ATK -20%, DEF +20%) Diamond Lodestone
    26 Harmonium (Gift item) Fragrance Stick Lodestone
    27 Fairy Curio (Gift item) Paint Lodestone
    28 Black Habiliment (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Lodestone
    29 Innovative Pot (Gift item) Livingware Lodestone
    30 Fancy Mannequin (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Lodestone
    31 Hero’s Ring (Accessory, ATK +10%, DEF -10%) Fragrance Stick Diamond
    32 Barrier Ring (Accessory, ATK -10%, DEF +10%) Paint Diamond
    33 Haute Couture (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Diamond
    34 Nouvelle Box (Gift item) Livingware Diamond
    35 Jeweled Bibelot (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Diamond
    36 Love Letter (Gift item) Paint Fragrance Stick
    37 Happiness Sachet (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Fragrance Stick
    38 Freshscent Broom (Gift item) Livingware Fragrance Stick
    39 Stylish Set (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Fragrance Stick
    40 Camoflage PJs (Gift item) Exquisite Cloth Paint
    41 Modern Papeterie (Gift item) Livingware Paint
    42 Forbidden Art (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Paint
    43 Aesthetic Apron (Gift item) Livingware Exquisite Cloth
    44 Stuffed Cat (Gift item) Seven-Tool Set Exquisite Cloth
    45 Farming Tools (Gift item) Livingware Seven-Tool Set


    • Fragrant Stick (Petas Village Item Shop)
    • Paint (Petas Village Item Shop)
    • Exquisite Cloth (Petas Village Item Shop)
    • Livingware (Petas Village Item Shop)
    • Seven-Tool Set (Petas Village Item Shop)


    • Wonder Drug (75%-ish Max friendship with Klune; Petas Village Item Shop*)
    • Inferno Pearl (75%-ish friendship with Harele; Lebannah Village Weapon Shop*)
    • Lodestone (75%-ish friendship with Bartz; Petas Village Weapon Shop*)
    • Diamond (75%-ish friendship with Miriam; Lebannah Village Item Shop*)
    • Dragon Scale (75%-ish friendship with Riel; Don’t know which shop)

    *It seems you have to visit each shop many times (and purchase something) to get the hidden item to appear for sale.



    Note: To unlock this quest, speak to the NPC standing in front of the EXE-Cafe in Shamrock Town.

    Thanks to @paulrenxan for the Petas Village hamura location. =D

    Hamura Locations
    Location Reward
    1 Petas Village: 1st house to the left, hidden in bookcase. Magic Apple S
    2 Clauveh Mine: Hidden in water area before the boardwalk. Magic Apple S
    3 Ranyan Village: Throw a rock in the well, you’ll find a Hamura. Magic Apple S
    4 Krokrop Desert: Speak to the 2 NPCs found on the first screen to identify the strange critter they found. Hi-Tension
    5 Village Outskirts: Hidden in a tree (pink enemy icon shows position). Magic Apple S
    6 Lebannah Village: Partially hidden behind a house, will run away, but you’ll eventually catch him. Magic Apple S
    7 Denarius’ Manor: 2nd floor, bookcase, hidden. Hi-Tension
    8 Brigand’s Hideout: In the well. Spirit Gem
    9 Cordova’s Manor: Basement, not hidden. Magic Apple L
    10 Manato Temple: Hidden, outside, NW side of temple. Magic Apple L



    Cooking is fairly straight-forward. All the ingredients are available from Petas Village Item Shop and Ranyan Village Weapon shop except for Cabbage and Pumpkin which must be grown from the Seed Packet available from the Ranyan Weapon Shop. Remember, you might have to make several purchases from each shop before the hidden items are unlocked. 

    Cooking Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
    Bread Sushi Rice Bread
    Hamburger Bread Meat
    Fish Sandwich Fish Bread
    Apple Bread Bread Apple
    Fruit Sandwich Bread Orange
    Veggie Sandwich Cabbage Bread
    Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Bread
    Garlic Bread Spice Bread
    Egg Sandwich Egg Bread
    Beef over Rice Meat Rice
    Table d’Hote Fish Rice
    Apple Riceball Apple Rice
    Fruity Rice Orange Rice
    Cabbage & Rice Cabbage Rice
    Pumpkin Risotto Pumpkin Rice
    Salted Rice Spice Rice
    Egg over Rice Egg Rice
    Full Belly Meal Fish Meat
    Candied Meat Meat Apple
    Luscious Steak Meat Orange
    Stuffed Cabbage Cabbage Meat
    Pumpkin Potluck Pumpkin Meat
    Shish Kebab Spice Meat
    Special Omelette Egg Meat
    Apple Fish Apple Fish
    Fish Parfait Orange Fish
    Fried Fish Cabbage Fish
    Pumpkin Stew Pumpkin Fish
    Grilled Mackerel Spice Fish
    Egg-Wrapped Eel Egg Fish
    Fruit Juice Apple Orange
    Fruit Salad Cabbage Apple
    Mixed Juice Pumpkin Apple
    Apple Juice Spice Apple
    Apple Pie Egg Apple
    Refreshing Juice Cabbage Orange
    Citrus Pumpkin Pumpkin Orange
    Orange Juice Spice Orange
    Orange Cake Egg Orange
    Vegetable Juice Pumpkin Cabbage
    Blue  Juice Spice Cabbage
    Fried Egg Egg Cabbage
    Pumpkin Juice Spice Pumpkin
    Pumpkin Pie Egg Pumpkin
    Egg Nog Egg Spice



    Gifts can raise or lower friendship levels based on whether a gift is liked or disliked. 

    Gift Likes/Dislikes
              Riel            Miriam
      Likes Fish Parfait (Fish + Orange) Citrus Pumpkin (Orange + Pumpkin)
      Likes Passion Bouquet (Fragrance Stick + Inferno Pearl) Love Letter (Paint + Fragrance Stick)
      Dislikes Egg Nog (Spice + Egg) Egg over Rice (Egg + Rice)
      Dislikes Wrinkled Dress (Ex. Cloth + Wonder Drug) Forbidden Art (Seven-Tool Set + Paint)
              Floryn           Harele
      Likes Special Omelette (Meat + Egg) Hamburger (Bread + Meat)
      Likes Sexy Wear (Exquisite Cloth + Dragon Scale) Angel Statuette (Fragrance Stick + Dragon Scale)
      Dislikes Bread Sushi (Bread + Rice) Apple Fish (Fish + Apple)
      Dislikes Kabuki Specs (Paint + Dragon Scale) Aesthetic Apron (Livingware + Ex. Cloth)
               Bartz           Klune
      Likes Luscious Steak (Meat + Orange) Blue Juice (Cabbage + Spice)
      Likes Battle Diary (Paint + Inferno Pearl) Modern Papeterie  (Livingware + Paint)
      Dislikes Fruity Rice (Orange + Rice) Candied Meat (Meat + Apple)
      Dislikes Flabellum (Livingware + Wonder Drug) Black Habiliment (Ex. Cloth + Lodestone)



    Note: Most of the information in this list is due to the work of @thepantsparty and @gunarmdyne. So, don’t forget to thank them!

    Titles List
    Title Obtain Description
    1 Super Idol 75% – ish likability with all friends It appears that you are liked by everyone.
    2 Manly Killer 75% – ish likability with male friends You are trustworthy in the sight of the other males.
    3 Fickle Lover 75% – ish likability with female friends Rumors are being spread about you by all the women.
    4 Love Conductor 100% likability with all friends Congratulations! You are loved by everyone!
    5 Heart of Gold Give 20 “likes” gifts You are a kind and considerate person.
    6 King of Mean Give 20 “dislikes” gifts You are a really mean and awful person…
    7 Ultimate Host You are a wicked person … wickedly cool that is!
    8 Yuro’s Disciple Farm 15 times You are hereby deemed a professional in the field of agriculture.
    9 Talented Chef Cook a certain number of recipes You have become quite the man in the kitchen.
    10 Leone’s Pupil  All recipes created Your food creations will bring joy to all those who taste them.
    11 Gifted Inventor Craft a certain number of items You have created tons of new items.
    12 Balboa’s Protege All crafts created You have crafted everything there is to craft!
    13 Small-Time Hero It appears that you have grown used to fighting.
    14 The Great Hope Quite the man of valor.
    15 Veteran Warrior For unrivaled and meritorious service!
    16 Third Knight  Defeat ??? enemies You have proven your ability is equal to that of a third-class knight.
    17 Second Knight  Defeat ??? enemies You have proven your ability is equal to that of a second-class knight.
    18 First Knight  Defeat ??? enemies You have proven your ability is equal to that of a first-class knight.
    19 Matchless  Defeat 3000 enemies You are indeed the bravest upon the face of Kalenthia!
    20 Ultra-Rich Gain 100000 gold A title for the richest of the rich.
    21 Super Hero  Kunah reaches level 50 A new hero has been born!
    22 Super Heroine  Riel reaches level 50 A heroine with the grit to do battle has emerged!
    23 Seduced by Evil  Die 10 times Make sure to take enough healing items with you on your adventure!
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    Your missing a Hamura in Petas Village, first house on the left on a cabinet. I havent any crafting materials besides the ones sold in Petas Village. Where did you find the pearl?


    Also found a hamura in Manato temple. As soon as you enter the area go to the left and its in the back corner outside the building.


    Your missing a Hamura in Petas Village, first house on the left on a cabinet. I havent any crafting materials besides the ones sold in Petas Village. Where did you find the pearl?

    Thanks for the Hamura info. The Inferno Pearl is for sale in the Labannah weapon shop.

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    Found the last Hamura I needed in Denarius’ Manor, 2nd floor bookcase.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    I think I’ve figured out the last crafting ingredients. I started a new game with the intent to max out friendships to see what happens. So far, I’ve maxed these and received:

    • Bartz – Lodestone
    • Miriam – Diamond
    • Harele – Inferno Pearl
    • Riel – Dragon Scale
    • Klune – Wonder Drug
    • Floryn – Apple

    EDIT:  The trigger to get these items might not be max friendship, but giving the character an item they like. For example, I had Riel maxed but didn’t get anything. However, when I gave her a Happiness Sachet, she gave Dragon Scale.

    Each item can be used in crafting. I don’t know if this is the only way to get a Diamond and a Lodestone (The Inferno Pearl is available in Lebannah weapon shop.). If so, the these must be extraordinarily rare. I did just notice that the friendship levels drop over time. However, I don’t know if maxing it again will result in getting another item. And I don’t know if I ever will. Tedious doesn’t even begin to describe grinding for gold, and I’ve still got Klune and Floryn to experiment with. *sigh*

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    Is there any reason to get the Diamond and Lodestone? How do they help you on your adventure?

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    Is there any reason to get the Diamond and Lodestone? How do they help you on your adventure?

    As far as I can tell, they are just crafting ingredients. You can get a few weapons and accessories (but mostly gifts for friends) from crafting. However, I finished the game on easy with weapons and armor purchased from shops.


    Which brings me to another note for @paulrenxan…In Ranyan Village, an NPC hints that some items are only available to regular customers. I figured that meant that spending a certain amount in the shop triggers the release of other items. I tested this in Lebannah Village Weapon Shop. The Inferno Pearl wasn’t available; so, I purchased an expensive item (14000, I think). I left the shop and returned. The Inferno Pearl was there.

    EDIT:  On further experimentation, it seems it is the number of times you visit the shop that triggers the hidden item to appear.

    Gold is so hard to farm in this game. It makes it annoyingly difficult to test theories. I may never know if the Diamond, Lodestone, and Dragon Scale ever show up in shops. 😕

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    Nice Job! Now if we could figure out all the titles that would be awesome. Anyone know were the secret developer room is?

    The Pants Party

    Would also love to see a list of the titles and requirements if anyone has them completed.

    The secret room is in the final dungeon. Follow the white lines in the picture here:

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