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    There is also a free version available. Anybody tried this game already?

    @nemoΒ  I have the premium version, and am trying to play it. I have no idea what I am doing though. I think I only know how to playexe create exe create games now. πŸ™„


    How so? Surely you have played any of the recent Hit Point games like Ortha, Tetrarchs or Monster Violator, and this game is more or less exactly as them ;).

    Tell me, what extra did you get for purchasing the premium? How many premium currency?



    I’m just old, cranky, and set in my ways. I’m used to being able to control the difficulty and the rate of random encounters. In this game, instead of upgrading weapons they have “Quartzes”. A lot of quartzes. For skills. For stat boosts. For extra effects. And you have to use other quartzes to upgrade the quartzes. πŸ™„

    Plus the font is tiny. TINY. The world map movement speed is slow, even with the transport thingy to ride. The encounter rate is high…not really ridiculously high, but can become annoying when exploring.Β  And there is load screen after every single battle. Did I mention that I’m old and cranky?

    Oh, and for the premium perk…it’s a measly 150 WHP. I don’t know how bad the ads will be in the freemium version, but if it’s tolerable, I’d recommend going with it instead of the premium.

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    I’m already playing the game, and I think I’m near the end of it, but I wondered what are the opinions of it of the other players. I asked about the premium, because I have the other 3 Hit Point games on Switch, and most likely I will purchase it there too, but I was wondering what extra perks I will get. Hit Point always had a different policy regarding premium points, and I think this is the very first time they included a gacha mechanic to their game (and in a good way – a big % is for rare stuff, and a very small % for shitocrap). The ads are bearable, I learnt to play games offline with them, so they’re not as annoying as they could be). As for being old, I will be hitting 40 soon, so we could say that I’m already one leg in the grave, but even then I managed to befriend Hit Point (and as you might remember I always disliked it, and liked only EXE-CREATE games) ;). So there is still a chance for you, too ;).

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    I really liked the game. I thougbt the story was well done and the cbaracter interactions were very interesting.

    The relationship between Wina and Shan was good.

    The story of Bathlet, her aunt and Reg was very interesting and well done.

    I thought the story of Konoka and Kayo was the best.

    And don’t forget about the story of the twins which was really good and a surprise.

    There are some complaints of the battles being to frequent and, while true, by the time you get all party members you should (and I can at level 35ish) be able to kill all monsters in one turn i.e., two or three party members go before the monsters do.

    I am almost done with the game so I am not sure if there is a new game plus but I hope there is something to keep the game going.

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    I decided to try the game and enemy spawn rate is more fair.

    First 3 dungeon arent bad but difficulty spikes after reaching volcano dungeon. You have less than 1500 hp while the boss comes in pair hitting for 300+ each. There is no defend command and no consumable. This is more annoying than Monster Viator (coincidentally both game spike in hot themed dungeon). You either need to grind much more or buy extra perk (3x xp and 2x damage).


    I think it’s all down to the quartz combination that you’re getting there are some defense and healing skills that you can eventually get from equipping certain quartz (and grinding of course). However, yes the difficulty is quite annoying at times, though I’m more annoyed with the lack of post-game story, there’s just not much incentive in playing it again even if you can keep your stats, quartz, and weapons.



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