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    can someone give a list of finding the 10 toys? i’m really having a hard time finishing the game, thank you in advance !


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    Join discord and then ping Perfect Shadow X.

    Guy already finished the game.

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    Shadow X

    Hello. Yes i finished the game at Lv 99. Am aiming to do 100% of it, but only found 7 toys

    Pinwheel – Pottery Water Whistle – Rattle Drum – Grunt Whistle – Auto Robot – Storm Glass – Dice of Fate. Once i find the remaining 3 i will surely add here.


    Toys, Locations, and Final Rewards



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    are you telling me i spent so much time going places searching for secrets finally concluding that the guy said there’s 10 toys in the world and i have 9 therefore he has the tenth and this is a joke and the sparkly that’s out of reach is an anima quartz not the toy; and the final toy i couldn’t find is sold by some merchant at a place I don’t think i’ve ever heard of…

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    Yep. Lulukaka. If you don’t go exploring, it’s easy to miss. You don’t have to go there unless you want to collect all the toys. Oh, and another merchant sells expensive weapons and armor which I think might be the strongest in the game.

    Anyway, Lulukaka is actually floating on the sea. Warp to Windoria and get on the beakle (after the hover over water upgrade). Ride east until you see a ship and a beach. Use the beach to access the sea. Then head north to the 2 moored ships. That’s Lulukaka.

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    Thank you for explaining where Lulukaka is. 👍

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