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    • My party is lv70 (the boss is lv65) with good quartz set (i think). The problem is i can’t heal because the anti healing effect & SP recovery is slow. The damage is insane. Retrying 4 times & still can’t beat it. I don’t know maybe i’ll try again at lv75 or 80.
    • Is another Hit Point games also hard as this game? This remind me of Asdivine Heart 1 final boss where you can’t revive dead member at all.


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    Never mind. Beat it at lv75.

    Final boss + ending has uploaded to my channel:


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    here i know this may be a bit late for many for anyone else though; basically honoka is your glass cannon. have scarletite gauntlet, whatever armour, attack ring, black boots 「maybe not black boots at the time of writing this these were equipped though」 make sure honoka goes second from any character for this case say bathlet and this character uses ‘fighting pose’ from the muscle anima quartz basically. the anima quartz honoka should have are as follows in any order really: withered tree, pretty spanner, weakpoint seeker, stone monument fragment and then sword handle. you basically just keep using the skill from sword handle here i don’t think what your other characters have really matters from here maybe consider giving them skills that take down the action value and skills like blue act for honoka basically; other than that you can pretty much do this fight at whatever level you get to this. you can also do the fight without anyone taking damage as well!

    insha’allah this helps lol

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