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    Have any one the list for all subquest?


    Join discord and ping (ask) PerfectShadow about it.




    What why should I do to go to DC. When the forum is that for questions???


    I don’t like Discord, but you need to make a choice here. You basically ask here for complete side quest lists for every game you play, and if people choose to help you, that’s fine, but if no one can or wants to help you here, it’s up to you. You can either put in the effort yourself for once or you can leave your comfort zone to find someone who can help you. And no, I haven’t played the game and will most likely never play it.


    I actually thought “Sunquest” was a quest (not a typo) so I neglected looking at this one.

    Not everyone can or want to use Discord, in fact, most of my friends doesn’t. Just like not everyone on Discord likes the forum either.

    But yep, I don’t have a subquest list but PerfectShadowX from Discord might have, so asking him is a good option.


    Mhm, I’ll ask him anyway, no idea if he’ll reply tho. I’ll keep you posted but I’m currently slower than usual due to a travel which kinda messed up my RL schedule and will take a while to catch up; Following up on your own is advised.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves (Buy me a coffee!) / (Sponsor the website!)

    Make your time.

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    That is the only one that I need. The other thing in the game/games I find.

    but subquest are so hard to find the Kemco Games.


    I think it’s for the best to keep the KEMCO games etc. etc. here; honestly discord isn’t a good place and the way the forums are currently is epic.

    ask Allah for guidance, ganbaru, fight on!

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