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    Where can I find the lucky cat?

    and where I get the diamond quartz crown?


    Never mind I have that diamond. And the lucky cat too. That was a story quest


    Diamond quartz crown is not story related.

    You have to find all 5 Biography of flora e books first before you can dig up the crown.


    Books 1-4 can be found on bookshelf’s in town/villages. The 5th book is given to you by Furafura on the second floor of the tower in Pentagloak. This is late in the game and after Pentagloak is attacked.

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    Book 4 is given you by a NPC, after being able to use the floating pillars with the golem the first time. Choose north and the NPC stands right beside a chest. Book 1 is inside the northwest building in Metra Aqua. Book 2 is in Donga and Book 3 at Mt. Kadoma Hut if i remember correctly.

    Lucky Cat is obtained by paying the 30.000G bill for fixing your Beakle by Nagi. You can do this directly or later by talking to her.

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