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    Another Kemco game that is simple with its best equipment.

    Shan’s ultimate weapon is obtained in the story, and the other characters’ best weapons and best armor and boots are bought from the Lulukaka onboard hamlet (merchant ship in the world map section of the main guide). The earliest you can reach it is when you get the upgrade for your beakle to travel on water, be warned that they cost a lot of money to buy them and you can buy them all near the end of the story.

    to list them:


    Shan: Warrior’s Sword

    Bathlet: Yggdrasil staff

    Honoka: Scarletite Gauntlets

    Gachu: Pearl priere

    Armor:Β Saint armor

    Boots: Platinum Boots

    You can also find better boots in the final dungeon (shrine of sleep), black boots, though they have a -5% HP penalty.



    Equipment barely matter endgame, quartz are (and 30% atk ring in Pentagloak later)

    There are a lot damage boosting passive quartz in fire element. This make Honoka insanely powerful. But 2 of them are missable since Enten Hall wont spawn enemy again later.

    Incandescent Jewel (Zoa Volcano)
    Flame Stone (Enten Hall)
    Shining Gold Coin (Enten Hall)
    Super Spicy Sauce
    Withered Tree (Thundercloud Rock)

    With all 5 passive maxed you get +65% atk, +40 crit rate, +70 crit damage, +15% fire skill

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    I believe i missed some of them, the one i recommend also is the spiked suit which you can obtain from the desert tomb area. It boots the HP and defense.


    I also found some cool quartz for me, such as Oasis WaterΒ  (restore all allies’ hp ) applies auto recover to all allies for 2 +1 turn

    Death Dragon’s scale

    Demon’s foot

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