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    If anyone is itching for a new ARPG to play after seeing Djinn Caster on IOS my other favorite developer, Oddy Arts released a new ARPG called Demon Hearts. I’m downloading it right now and is very excited to play it since OA had been teasing us for a good while on their fb page.


    Do note though that Oddy Arts favors action than story telling on their games.

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    I added it to my wishlist. When i finally finish my never ending backlog of Kemco RPGS (Along with PSX, GBA, GBC, and SNES) games too.)

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    Also wishlisted. 😀 I played one of their games awhile back and it seemed pretty fun; don’t remember if it was S.O.L. or Aurum Blade though…

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    Thanks pal! I am going to d/l it soon. Aurum Blade was the best game from this developer, with Stone of Life coming in as the second best. Nothing else I played from them was worth mentioning IMO but I have high hopes for this one.

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