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    Orio De Gato

    Lately, i’ve been looking for a good game with an deep story and a playable battle system, no matter how many times you encounter a monster you won’t get sick but no matter how hard i looked, i founding nothing.

    Please lend this poor soul a helping hand…


    Of all the games I’ve played so far, only 2 games – AH2 and Machine Knight – are the best choices. I wouldn’t give them 10/10 rating… maybe a maximum of 7/10 rating based on your requirement.

    You’re able to customise all your characters’ skills and spells, with AH2 giving you even more reign in mix-and-match your 3x 2-person teams.

    As for replay value, they’re not that high.

    Orio De Gato

    I already played Machine Knight, but AH2 is a different story. I played Asdivine Hearts, Dios, Menace, Cross and lastly… Hearts 2
    It all happened so fast! i feel like it was just yesterday i was playing Asdivine Hearts.. and now, i’m already AH2. I would like to prepare myself if i want to play AH2 :v Time flies when you’re having fun or I guess five days feels like a century to me :v

    Thanks for the suggestion :v


    Deep story? Definitely go with Unlucky Hero by ExeCreate the creator of the Asdivine series and depending on your graphic preference this is arguably the best game of ExeCreate.

    Other recommendation are Silver Nornir and Soul Historica.

    If you’re not restricted to Kemco games then Doom and Destiny and Doom and Destiny Advance are worth your money. Best non-ported traditional android rpg bar none.

    Favorites: Blood of Calamity | Chronus Arc | Band of Monster | Machine Knight | Djinm Caster | Justice Chronicles | Unlucky Hero | Fernz Gate | Dragon Lapis

    Disliked: Asdivine Dios | Fairy Elements


    Must it be Kemco’s game? If yes, then I second Soul Historica and Unlucky Hero, though that latter one might be a little too hard.

    If not Kemco, then maybe Radiant Historia for NDS, or Evoland 2 for PC/Android. You might think that the Evoland 2 here is just a joke, but it is not. This game (apart from being hilarious as hell) has also a pretty deep and coplicated, and in fact pretty sad too, plot that is worth playing.

    MSG Commander

    or Evoland 2 for PC/Android.

    Hi Nemomon, long time no see!

    Question: does Evoland 2 play the same as the original Evoland? I played that on Android awhile back and I really enjoyed the game, up until the final boss (who I could not beat even after like ten tries…)

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    or Evoland 2 for PC/Android.

    Hi Nemomon, long time no see!

    Question: does Evoland 2 play the same as the original Evoland? I played that on Android awhile back and I really enjoyed the game, up until the final boss (who I could not beat even after like ten tries…)

    Hey, indeed. I again stopped playing Kemco games, it was a miracle that I managed to finish AH2, because I didn’t previous EXE-CREATE games yet…

    Evoland 2 is super different than the Evoland. For starters, it is much more longer and deeper, and more mature. Also, it has such more locations. Generally you play the game through four eras:

    Ancient times -plays like Gameboy games
    Past – plays like a little better Gameboy Color
    Present – pkays like NES
    Future – plays 3D

    At the beginning You must travel from one era to another to solve things, and move plot forward, but later You can move through them pretty freely. I needed not whole 2 days to finish the original Evoland (well, almost; I didn’t beat the final boss either, but because my kid was screamy and jumpy and didn’t let me to focus on the fight, and after I few tries I rage quit the boss battle and never again back to it), and according to Steam, it took me over 43 hours (like 2 weeks of playing) to finish Evoland 2. So, it is not a short game either.

    Unlike original Evoland, here You have to play different type of games to finish it, and at some point of the game even different classic games. And unlike original Evoland which was super easy (but the main boss, and maybe the Diablo boss), here there are some parts that are hard.

    Finally, while the original Evoland had some funny homages to the other games, and people, Evoland 2 is just full of them. If You’re a fan of Dragon Ball or The Legend of Zelda series, You surely will like all of that stupid dialogues (for example like one of the villages says that a boy in green used one of his hens to fly and traumatized his other hens – a stupid homage to the Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening). In fact Link appears in person in the game as well.

    The Evoland has also his own card game, and it is a little more complicated than the game in the first Evoland. I like it a bit more, though the game in Evoland was fun too.

    Either way, I can promise You, You won’t be disappointed. I played the game on Steam, so I don’t know how it is played on Android, so if You want it, I suggest trying to get it for Steam too. If You want, there are my screenshots with most of homages I could spot (though not all of them, especially at the beginning of the game):

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