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    I was on the play store issuing my new rating with playstore’s new rating system and learned that Crescent Moon is having a sale on its top games. I quickly check the current price on my laptop as I already purchased the games on my phone and good god those price cut is steep as f*uck. Go knock yourself with this games, guys.


    Normal price: 7$ Sale Price: 0.99$

    Aralon 1:

    Normal Price: 4.99 Sale Price: Free! Effing FREE!

    Go get em while you can as the sales will only last for a little while. Also Aralon 2 is on sale but I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t fully recommend it but buy it if you like to stock games.

    I also have to give credit to Google for having this new Sale feature as its easier to know when a game is on sale as before once you get it there is no way to tell if the game is on sale afterwards and hard to suggest to friends. I also like the countdown thingy.

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