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    From the makers of Chthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, just announced earlier today, on sale through April 18:

    EDIT: Here’s the official Zeboyd Games trailer

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    When (if) it becomes Mac-available, that’s a definite buy for me. I’m a fan of Zeboyd’s work.

    MSG Commander

    Well I decided to buy this one (sadly, it’s no longer on sale…) I’m really enjoying it.

    You play as a soldier who discovers that your higher-ups are plotting bad things against humanity (nothing new there), and so you go rogue to try and stop them. The graphics are pretty good; I don’t know but I imagine they purposely went for a slightly retro look? Music is okay, I mean it’s not FF7 quality but it’s still good. Story is good. It’s broken up into chapters, and each chapter has a different location, a specific “assignment” or goal to achieve, and typically, different party members (except the main character always remains.)

    Also, they’ve interspersed the game with CGI-cut scenes that do add somewhat to the entertainment value.

    Oh, they also have 4 difficulty settings, and I’m playing on the second-lowest one and it provides very little challenge (it would probably be no challenge for someone who thinks about strategy before-hand, but I usually just use whatever, so…)

    Anyway, it’s worth checking out.

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