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    Hello, I am looking for the best free to play (if possible) non rpg games. If possible, they should still be games where you can watch your character grow.

    Sword of Xolan, a nice 8bit throwback to the classic NES platformer days. It is the most simple example of what I am looking for. You get cash to buy random cards that will give you random power ups. (Sword of dragon, though similar was awful IMO).

    Mage Gauntlet is an incredible game, loads of fun and the next step as far as complexity. Still simple but a little more complicated in how your character grows. Adored this game. Wayward souls, on the other hand, not so much.

    The East New World is a beautiful looking platformer with tons of secrets to find, I would say this is an amazing example of platformer meets rpg. You even get levels and weapon power ups. (I did not like A smile is beautiful, however…maybe too much of the same thing for me).

    Third Blade if you have an apple device. This is a side scrolling beat em’ up but has rpg elements too.

    So if you know these games, what would you recommend?

    MSG Commander

    I like Bardbarian and Magic Rampage.

    I’ve been eyeing East New World, but haven’t played it yet.

    I also recently replayed the Kingdom Rush tower defense games and enjoyed all 3 of them, along with Cursed Treasure 2 and Incursion: the Thing (though on Android it’s called Tower defense: Thing TD game.)

    I wouldn’t recommend the tower defense games for phones though; I think you need at least a 7 inch screen to play those games.

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    Chroisen 1-2(no sequel yet?)zenonia 1-2(no real currency needed)3-4-5-6(S)and about east new world I play it a bit,inotia 2-3(has the best true ending,an arpg?(right)school of chaos(child play),demonic savior,dungeon hunter 5(oooooooh),swordigo(I am one of hundred fastest player at this game)

    This one is telling the


    Hey! I just found “Dan the Man” and I think you guys will like it. It is unique in many ways including how they show the story (with no words!)
    I have been thinking of Magic Rampage, and if you say it is good, I might make it my next game.
    I also forgot ARCHER CAT, which is a ton of fun. A non rpg with lots of rpg elements.


    +1 for Magic Rampage. Soul Knight is a simple but fun shooter-rogue game and if you like Sword of Xolan then definitely try Cally’s Caves.

    Favorites: Blood of Calamity | Chronus Arc | Band of Monster | Machine Knight | Djinm Caster | Justice Chronicles | Unlucky Hero | Fernz Gate | Dragon Lapis

    Disliked: Asdivine Dios | Fairy Elements


    I like Bardbarian and Magic Rampage.

    I’ve been eyeing East New World, but haven’t played it yet.

    I also recently replayed the Kingdom Rush tower defense games and enjoyed all 3 of them, along with Cursed Treasure 2 and Incursion: the Thing (though on Android it’s called Tower defense: Thing TD game.)

    I wouldn’t recommend the tower defense games for phones though; I think you need at least a 7 inch screen to play those games.

    Since MSG brought up this topic, I will say a word about that games too. I know all of them (maybe with the exception of Incursion – I do recall this title and game, but I don’t remember if I finally played it, or just added to my “to play” list on Armor Games), and I definitely suggest trying the Cursed Treasure series. Definitely the best series among all the games MSG mentioned. I have played the Kingdom Rush as well, and while I do not consider it a bad game, in fact I think it is one of the better TD games, I had some issues with it that it is too slow. Plus, I purchased it on (IIRC) Humble Bunde, and then I had serious issues with updating the game with a new content. In fact I think the update still didn’t appear to HB, and pretty much that was the sole reason I stopped playing Kingdom Rush games.

    But there is a TD game very similar to Kingdom Rush, and in fact it is actively developed and updated. I might be wrong on this, but I think just this single month it received two or three updates. It is a pretty good game, and I could suggest trying it:

    Myself, I would really highly suggest playing another TD game, the one I consider the best TD game among them all – the GemCraft series. The series consists of four games (in this order):

    – GemCraft Chapter One – The Forgotten
    – GemCraft Chapter Zero – Gem of Eternity
    – GemCraft Lost Chapter – Labyrinth
    – GemCraft Chapter Two – Chasing Shadows

    Unlike all other TD games, the GemCraft series has a storyline. The Forgotten is a very powerful demon summoned to this world some centuries ago. She cannot be destroyed, but only temporary sealed away by the Gem of Eternity that is destroyed each time it is used. Since she is attacking once again, a new Gem of Eternity must be created (inside the Labyrinth) and used agains her. But it is not as easy, because she isn’t a common demon. However, it was found out that destroying Shadows – super powerful demons, and her generals – can weaken her, and maybe even allow sealing away her again (until she again breaks out of the seal). She is attacking the Spiritforge – the last bastion of humans – and the next game in the series that already is in works will explore the events inside the Spiritforge.

    The games can be played on any website that allows playing flash games (like Armor Games), however the premium version of the GemCraft Lost Chapter – Labyrinth can be played for free on the owner’s website.
    Finally, Chasing Shadows is available for free on any of the mentioned earlier websites, or on Steam for 10 euro:
    Myself, I have purchased both the premium version of the Labyrinth and the Chasing Shadows on Armor Games, and the Steam version of the Chasing Shadows, and never regretted paying even a single dollar for this series. When the Chapter Three is released, it is an instant buy for me. This is not an Android game, but since I was OT about TD games…

    About a game that is not a RPG, but still allows growing a character and is on Android, I would suggest playing You a game I worked (and sometimes still working) on – Talisman Digital Edition. It is a digital version of a board game that has been around for much over 30 years now, and its 5th edition is about to be released some time during October this year.

    This version is based on Talisman 4th Revised Edition, but You don’t have to worry that the 5th Edition is about to be released, because a majority of people think that the 5th Edition will be exactly the same as the 4th Revised Edition, but without the logo of its current producer. The game includes almost all of the expansions released to the physical version, and since it is still in development, the remaining expansions (I think three or four) will be released soon too. Currently one of the expansions is beta tested and soon will be released too. Therefore this game is not dead, but actively developed. There is a season pass (not available on Android) that includes everything, and if You plan on purchasing the game on the Steam, I really suggest buying the season pass. It has mixed reviews, but only because Nomads created a single character and did not included it in the season pass. All the money from selling that character went to a charity to help disabled people, but apparently the owners of the season pass did not understand the meaning of the “charity” word, and changed their reviews to negative because they didn’t get for free a single (among like 60) character.

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    Something felt off to me about Callys Cave 2. I did not like the controls, for one.

    I am playing Magic Rampage and I am 55% into the game, just starting world 3-1 but I missed some secrets in the second half of world 2 (due to those lightning bolts). Is there any armor that will protect against the lightning so I can more slowly explore those levels or is the ONLY defense to stand under the green light things? Let me know!


    Long not online…. :}
    non rpg, because i dont have time to play now.[rpg is need much time] i want to play but i cant….
    now i just playing uniwar . it tactical game online

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