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    Because the game doesn’t have its own forum and I can’t find the answers nowhere I want to ask some here.

    1. What is overlaziness (I think it’s going up when I don’t go to my store every 1 game day which is 4 Real hours) and how to reduce it.
    2. Anyone knows the list of items that require doing something special on the Enemy to get the item? Like Charring Lizard (Use Fire magic), Lizard Tail (Use Deal, if it lands you get the item) Magical Crystal (Ice). Those are probably all the items I discovered the way to get them (for now) .

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    Disclaimer:Β  I did not compile or test this information. It is merely a translation from the Yorozuya Japanese wiki pageΒ here.Β Β (YMMV)

    Special Monster Drops

    Monster Item Obtain
    Poison Lizard Lizard’s Tail Mark’s spell, ‘Deal’
    Poison Lizard Charring Lizard Defeat with fire
    Stone Ax Mysterious Crystal Defeat with ice
    Gas Cloud Mysterious Crystal Defeat with ice
    Mimic Grass World Tree Chips Defeat with earth
    Fire Cockatrice Strange Feather Defeat with lightning
    Fire Spirit Strange Spark Defeat with fire
    Sun Fire Strange Spark Defeat with fire
    Evil Starfish Golden Sand Defeat with ice
    Electric Squid Light Coral Defeat with ice
    Evil Sea Anemone Moon Shellfish Defeat wit ice
    Penguin Knight Ice Crystal Defeat with ice
    Ice Horse Ice Crystal Defeat with ice
    Ice Lizard Ice Crystal Defeat with ice
    Ice Lizard Lizard’s Tail Mark’s spell, ‘Deal’

    Note:Β  You will not always get the item. It might take multiple attempts.

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    I think that they always drop from certain enemies (for example whenever I use Ice spell on Gas Cloud I get the Mysterious Crystal 100% of the time while I never got one from Stone Ax at all after 20 Ice spell kills). But that info will definitely help for other drops when I finish Tenmilli-rpg.

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    Is there any way to re-encounter Hell Resident? Β I didn’t know I can do appraisal on him.

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    All monsters appraised πŸ™‚ Game completed πŸ™‚ Β Now it’s just to craft all items.

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    Daily Dungeon is terrible. A Seed after 5 floors is just nonsense.

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