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    Pretend you are trapped on the proverbial deserted island with only your cell phone, but no phone signal.  The only app on your phone is the game Gailardia.  With nothing else to do, should you use precious battery power to play the game, or look for ways to improve your primitive shelter, or perhaps search for more food sources?  Answer: NEVER Gailardia.

    Pretend you are trapped in a hospital bed, your mind a fog caused by various drugs, barely able to move anything except one hand, which clutches your priceless smart phone on which the only app is Gailardia.  Do you pass the boring hours playing the game?  Answer:  NEVER Gailardia.

    This is just about the worst android RPG I’ve seen.  There is no story, no dialog, and practically no choice or thought in the play.  I would call it a “grind fest,” except there is no “festival” involved, only grinding.  There are no subquests, and your journey is almost linear.

    There are just 3 types of consumable items, only one of which I ever used (and then only early in the game).  You have 3 characters at the start, and they are the only ones in the game.  They have no jobs, no points to be assigned, no formation, and no weapons that can be enhanced.  There are no combos, unisons, or limit breaks.   You just watch them level up as you win battles.  They gradually learn some magic, but there are only a few spells available in the entire game.  With so few options available, battle tactics are easy to figure out and quite repetitive.

    You are underpowered for most of the game.  In fact, instead of a difficulty spike, Gailardia slowly (VERY slowly) becomes easier as you gain levels.  Money is scarce, so how to spend your money on weapons is one of your few choices.

    And, just to make it frustrating, there are NO save slots, but only a single saved position, with NO “load” option.  You have to quit the game, restart and “continue.”

    The post game consists of one mini-dungeon with a few treasures and the toughest boss in the game.   Metal-type monsters, while rare in the base game, are plentiful in the post game, and help in the necessary grinding if you wish to defeat the boss.

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    You’re absolutely right about Gailardia. I only played it for maybe 20 minutes and then thought it’s bad. So it wasted my free space (a little sarcastic here) while playing way better games like Cally’s Caves series which is awesome (best to start in order). And after that I didn’t have anything to play so I checked Gailardia again but quickly lost any interest. Deleted it and I’ll never try it again.

    And if I’d compare it to classic games like Dragon Quest 1 (which I still like) or Final Fantasy (Oh my, it’s still a great classic game and from time to time I’m getting back to it) then Gailardia would come out from Marlboro’s mouth. 

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    Oh, and besides that, if I’d be trapped on deserted island I would first try to find signal (although I think it would do nothing). Next step would be to turn the phone off after checking time and day. Next step would be to either make some basic tools (I’d there are enough materials) or make a fire (again, requires something that can burn). And then I’d try to survive until someone comes there (and maybe become crazy if left for months). So Gailardia would not be an option anyway. If I’d have to choose phone with me on that island I’d choose Nokia 3310 (the old version). That phone would be ideal for such situations xd (although it would be boring but charging would not be needed at all xd)

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