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    This game is a good game for anyone who loves high numbers. Yes, high numbers. It’s not as fun as Disgaea series but at least it’s a simple yet complex game. No story at all unless the journey to get the highest level possible is a story.

    The game is based around grinding for items, grinding for money, grinding for Levels. Without looking at Wiki you probably won’t get high because of really low equipment drop rates (often requires multiple journeys to get the item.. And each new item requires going to specific spots).

    And Equipment is very important because it makes you stronger which in turn makes you get higher in levels and allows getting even better items.

    After you reach Level 100 000 character for the very first time you will unlock the Hard Mode which contains much better equipment than Normal Mode but it’s much tougher (I’m now at early Hard Mode). 

    Yes, the game is frustrating. Yes, the game puts obstacles at every corner. But it’s a fun game if you give it some time.

    I added my current best stats (which will change when I get the items I want to get). 

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    Very on the nose, but I love me some power creep 😆


    @ramroarke, are you playing it too? 🙂

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    And I improved a little. 🙂

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