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    This game is about.. Upgrading this Game. You see how it’ll look like fully upgraded but you lose everything very Quickly. And your task will be to Restore Everything (Music, Graphics, Your Strength) and destroy the Evil that did it. As opposed to the First and Second game, you don’t upgrade the Game using Cash but you use it to make Upgrades To your Ships.

    You will earn Points to Upgrade Graphics of every aspect in the game (Ships, Shots, Background, every screen) Music (At first every sound is “Bam, Bam, Bam” but upgrades will make better music 🙂 )


    I’m not far into the game but I already like it 🙂 

    Welcome 😇

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    A fun game. You said cash, I thought in real-life money, didn’t figured out you meant ingame currency 😳

    (You mean that, right? I only downloaded Upgrade the Game 3, and now my phone is without disk space until I finish Antiqua Lost true endings and postgame)


    There are some typos but then, even Kemco games have typos.

    Well, a new game to my endless list of games I’ve started playing and don’t have a date to finish! :p

    (As if it wasn’t huge enough already…)

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves


    I meant In-game currency 🙂 Sorry for confusion. There’s no IAP in this game. By killing Enemies you earn money to upgrade Ships, by completing Levels (or by Watching Ads/Daily Login) you earn Points that you can use to Upgrade The Game (you know, fighting Blocks isn’t really enjoyable xd Takes some time to get game look better but it’s fun for me to see the game improving a bit 🙂 )

    Welcome 😇

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