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    So I’m now lvl 47 and still can’t beat the king.. his holy attack kills at least 2 people in one shot, even with focus all, harden all, righteousness… I don’t know what I’m missing on this fight.

    Ps I did find a good level spot, it’s a small area of land just north of the cave of Concord, same area as the huge maze Forest. Stone dragon gives ~ 10k xp as a single mob.. as the name says he does alot of stone attacks so earth pendants are recommended

    Are there any new skills that come around 48-50 that would be worth finishing levelling?



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    Never mind needed to try again now on to post game



    OK, good going.  I looked at my lev 47 file, and maybe my setup is different.

    I have  Warrior, Blacksmith,Wizard, Medic

    I put only the warrior in front row, everybody else in rear.

    No, I don’t recall any big spells (actually, any at all after ‘steal’ at 40) coming after lev 40.

    I didn’t use righteousness at all.  I didn’t have a problem, doing pretty much what you noted: focus all, harden all, medic heals, and wizard uses a “3” ability every turn.  Warrior just bangs away with simple ability (after ‘shout’), blacksmith just uses buffs (mind break, weapon break, bind).  Helps if you could buy the stuff at Burn Inn (but even better equipment coming in the post-game if you can get the gold).

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    Thanks for the help, finished mirror world, checked out the arena haven’t fought anything yet. Now just looking around for the rest.. like lonely isle which I thought I knew where it was.. and whatever needs done in the cave of Concord. Gotta say overall definitely worth the small cost for the game.

    And I got the red amulet from niacia, 40 to str and magic


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    Lonely Isle has a puzzle dungeon–I started it but haven’t finished it yet (I’m doing some grinding in Mirror World).  It is a bit of a pain, and I wrote the developer about it (by the way, he is very responsive and has fixed the bugs I came across and provided some insights).  I don’t like the very frequent random encounters in the midst of a trial and error process to get the right switch settings, etc.  By the time you get to Lonely Isle you don’t have any trouble with the battles, but they are just an irritant rather than a challenge.

    I probably should have taken the Red Amulet as you did, but I took the Blue to get the HP bump.  Turns out I bought enough stat buffs to take care of the HP.

    Lonely Isle is way up north west in the water, you have to fly over it to spot it.


    The arena is a killer…the monsters hit so hard you don’t get much of a chance to the trial and error to discover the “trick” needed to win.  So that’s why I’m grinding some to boost some stats.

    Older, but not wiser

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