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    So I got a google gift card for 300 Mexican pesos a few weeks ago which is equal to about $16 USD.

    I had a nice haul: Seek hearts, Legend of the tetrarchs, Sephorpthic Stories, Evoland and Evoland 2 all for 281 pesos.

    I still have 19 pesos left which is basically 1 dollar.  Any advice on a good game to get for under a dollar?  I have all of the kemco games already except for Dimension Cross and Dragon Lapis which are much more than a dollar.  Plus  I will purchase those later.  But how would you recommend I spend that last dollar?  Looking for a 16-bit rpg or action rpg.


    Recently beaten since April 1: Sephirothic Stories (android, kemco), Soulblazer (snes, arpg), Seek hearts (android, kemco), Super Metroid (snes), Legend of Tetrarchs (android, kemco), Castlevania 4 (snes), Actraiser (snes), Demons Crest (snes, platformer), Holy Umbrella (snes, platformer), Arcana (snes rpg)
    (Updated May 6)

    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross

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    Been awhile since I’ve been on here to see this, and racking through my brain for some under a dollar games and nothing special coming to.mind (good call on evoland, really good games) but a couple offhand that are a bit more to look into would be eternal Concord and final fantasy dimensions 1. Haven’t tried 2, don’t really want to. Inotia 4 is a pretty decent free action rpg. Exiled kingdoms if you like Diablo style games was one of my favorites, vampires fall:origins is similar. I don’t know exactly what all you like but I see alot of good snes games there I could try to think of more of those, like the lufia games. Hope this gives you at least one game!

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    @gauzeb I have recently been looking in Triglav – it seems to be a decent action game (like SOL: Stone of Life EX and Aurum Blade EX), but action games aren’t exactly my cup of tea…


    Thanks for the list, though!

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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