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    Now that it went to Steam, do anyone play it? It’s a gem among many souless gacha where you only go from a battle to a next, they had many care in everything and the worldbuilding including the characters is amazing. Do you guys think Kemco should do gacha for characters instead of items like that?


    Havent tried since the review said its bad pc port.


    I’ve been playing it on Android for over a year, and it has much to offer.  MPG Annihilator (one of our members here) is an expert on the game.

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    Havent tried since the review said its bad pc port.

    If it doesn’t work reinstall or check integrity of files, it worked with a friend of mine, personally I didn’t needed.

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    I have tried the steam port and know a number of people that have tried it. The steam port isnt honestly bad at all. It just may require.a few software upgrades to make work. Otherwise its a pc port of Another Eden just without the special ad rewards.

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